Also have a Fantastic Four #5 and high grade Vampirella #1

In my quest for an Amazing Fantasy #15 I may be willing to part with some of my babies. Fantastic Four #5 1st Doctor Doom is CGC 2.0 or 2.5, the Vampirella if I remember right was damn near flawless and definitely worth a cgc which I may do myself. Testing the waters if anyone is interested and a serious buyer I can take pictures DM me.

What’s a Vampirella 1 going for these days.

Holy smokes! Those usually sell for about $500 (VG usually) and more depending on condition.

I would be interested in Vampirella 1 of course depending on price.

I would say Vampi is a 7.0 remember it being better in my head lol. the 1st Dr Doom is a 2.0

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Ah, Amazing Fantasy #15… When I started my quest for it for it four or five years ago trying to have my hobby pay for it. I started to go heavy on phase 4 spec which most of what I purchased has and will pay off many multiples of what I bought at… After my buy in when all is said and done I will be looking at a strong profit depending on when I sell and how nuts people go for trailers when they start to hit (looking at you Eternals). I also went fairly big on New Gods #1, Mister Miracle #1, Jimmy Olsen #134 and went crazy on Shazam #28 when they were all cheap.

When all is said and down I expect yy profit would be enough to get a solid lower end mid grade AF #15 (3.0 to 3.5 range) or a low grade of that and and low grade FF #1…but with a growing family and an aging mother in law we are now looking for a bigger house, in southern CA… Not cheap. My profit will pay off much of the needed down payment and it will allow us to keep the house we have now and use it as a rental property.

If my free time spec hobby is able to give enough profit for a down payment on a house I might be able to sneak that AF #15a little later by selling some other collectibles. Back in 1996 I pulled a Derek Jeter Select Certified Mirror Blue out of a pack. Need to get is graded but for those who know about Baseball cards it is one of “those” cards. We’ll see. I might have to use that for the house as well. Always family first!

I do allow my self to get the occasional minor or mid range key and that FF #5 is verrry temping! NOT a lower or mid range key though! Nice book and I do hope you can muster a way to keep it and still grab the AF #15 :wink:

Well if there’s a second stimulus check I’ll be able to swing keeping my Dr Doom :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: my 9 year gave me a lecture about why I shouldn’t sell it and would have to replace it because he is the first Major Marvel villain it was cute she’s as annoying as me.

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Ha!..and y’know we can’t stay here forever… I told my wife even if my son doesn’t like comics when he gets old enough to realize what they are they will be all his someday. If he will enjoy them, great…If not, by that time, assuming I live another thirty or forty years, he should be able to get a nice vacation home in Arrowhead of Bigbear for what he sells them for! He’s starting to like Spider-man so that is good sign. I may not ever get that AF#15 but I do have most of the first two years from #1-20…Not too bad. Still want that damn AF#15 though! LOL!

Absolutely family first Rob. Kudos. And good luck on the house purchase.

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Thanks…Still a little ways off but we have started looking. Just to see what is out there. I hate to use it to my advantage but if there is a second wave of the Corona virus later this year the buyers market will be that much better. Sucks to think that way but it is a reality of everything.

Property values where I live are going up everybody in Hawaii wants to leave the city in Oahu and their property values are tanking.

Can’t blame them, really. Until this virus gets a vaccine any big city is going to be the last place most want to be.

I wouldn’t sell the FF5 until they’re at least announced for the MCU.

Unless, if you sell a 8"x10" of Jessica Alba in spandex with it… Blind Adam will pay any amount for the book… :laughing:

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You know I see books listed on eBay all the time and the main picture is always a beautiful woman cosplaying. He should save that seller. Unless it’s him selling them?!

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Lol. I have seen them too. The seller includes a free picture with every comic purchase or combines a picture with a dvd and a comic.

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