Dynamic Force orders

Has anyone ordered from Dynamic force, I made an order in Dec 2020 and still have not received it.
I emailed them however I have not gotten a response. I have heard they are very slow but over a year turnaround time is getting out of hand.

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waiting on a book from april 2021, they wont answer email or phone calls

Never order Dynamic Force books… EVER!


They worked out great for me for about a year. Then, customer support was nonexistent for months. I ended up reporting them to Visa and did charge backs. Months later I get an email asking for money for an order, and I left them an unkind reply.

You must be new here? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

In all seriousness, dynamic force is notorious for not fulfilling orders. I’m surprised they still are operating.

While we’re in the topic of deadbeat comic services, avoid Comicxposure too.


The only time you should order a Dynamic Forces book is when it is in stock with another retailer that is NOT Dynamic Forces.


Beware Midtown Comics offers of Dynamic Force books. They offer things like they have them in stock, or it’ll be available next week, but they can’t deliver on DF promises either.

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I have an open order from 4/28/2020…its is only for a book worth $14.99. So i am just waiting to see what happens. I can easily call and cancel…but what the hell…let this baby ride and see what happens.

But…I will NEVER purchase from them again…lesson learned.

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Got me beat.

This is DF too. And since they don’t charge until shipped…well…let it ride!

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The last time I ordered from Dynamic forces directly must have been ten years ago. It arrived damaged, when I called I was told a replacement would be sent out. They never sent it. It is a company that could care less about its customers. I haven’t used them since.

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Still waiting for my Star Wars HR #1 second print pre-order. Not a crumb of information about it for a year now. My first and now last order with them : (

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yep, same book im waiting for

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It’s funny, I submitted the order thinking I had a bargain price for a rarer version that the first print. Since then I have read on this site:

  1. Orders go unfulfilled
  2. I might end up with a 9.4 or 9.6 if one does arrive
  3. Customer Service offers no customer service


You all may recall how I like to beat on the anti-CXP drum, but did anyone notice they are selling on Whatnot now? Who in Whatnot let those jokers in? Well, I guess that’s one way to make them honor their sales (don’t know much about Whatnot seller commitments but I assume they have obligations to fulfill orders within a certain short time period). What a joke.

I’m amazed they have any positive reviews on Whatnot based on how they are with their actual store…

Anyone still waiting on an order should go on there and ask them For a status during their show.

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DF was GREAT 20 years ago…

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