Dynamic Forces Celebration Set contents?

Anyone know the contents of these Dynamic Forces “sets” that come out every now and then? I can’t find any unboxing videos or anything. I’m wondering if it’s random stuff in each set.

I imagine you will get it two years from now. I have never received a DF signature book I’ve ordered from Midtown usually I cancel them after 9months of waiting or so. 4 times ordered 0 books received

Yeah same thing here. I stopped ordering from DF. I’m still waiting for Batman Who Laughs #1 signed by Snyder plus 1 lol.

I have ordered a set off midtown before. It was a random Dynamic Forces Exclusive, some I think it was a trade paperback for Wynonna Earp and a couple other random books. Not worth it to me. I am sure there is some good stuff in these too from time to time but think it is more of a chance for them to blow old stuff out.

I’ve never had any issues ordering from DF directly. It takes a long time sometimes.

I do remember a company that was around when image first started and advertised in the books themselves. I think they had America in their name but I ordered from them and got a partial order and no responses back.

I expect most of DF signed books are all done at conventions, hence the delay. I think right now if that’s the case, expect even longer delays due to COVID.

funny story, I ordered a movie from them years ago, yes a dvd. I was charged for it. They never shipped. I called and got a refund. It has been years since they charged me. Close to 7 years

No they have long had delays

That’s what I mean… they likely don’t have any arrangements with creators until conventions, so first they have to get a hold of the books. Then they have to setup arrangements to get them signed… right now, with COVID, I bet that’s complicating and delaying the crap out of books now.

I ordered a DF Batman 89 “encore edition” w/Tynion signature…not sure what that is, but I’m glad TFAW doesn’t charge until they ship on pre orders! Could be a while…

I ordered 5 signed books from DF. Now yall got me worried that I won’t get them until next year. Going to skip that DF set. Thanks for the info.