Category Topics

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


This category is for talk about comics in general. There are subcategories of the main publishers. If you don’t know where to add your new topic, put in the main Comics category.


For all the things that aren’t comic or pop culture related, those go here. If you’re still unsure, just leave it Categorized.

Sponsors and Services

This is the Sponsors and Services Category. For those wishing to share their website or service with CHU community on the forums.

For Sale and Trading

This is a new category and area to allow people to post links to their eBay listings or list items they might have for sale to make direct sales with other CHU followers and readers. You can link directly to eBay listings or other sites that that allow you to list things for sale, etc.


This category is reserved for the CHU contests and giveaways. No one should really use it besides CHU admins.

Movies & TV

A category for Movies and TV Shows. If it’s a movie or a TV show, it likely belongs here.

Comic Speculation & Rumors

A category for all things that are speculation which include rumors, movie deals or options, etc.

Toys & Action Figures

This category is a place for all toys and action figures. Comic related or in general. We can’t just limit all the talk to the paper products and shows.

Tuesday Night

This category is for all the chatter and buzz on Tuesday nights, the night before new comic book Wednesday.
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