CGC submission questions

My last CGC submission just received today.
After 2 submissions of being within 1 grade or spot-on to my pre-grade assessments; this time I got Darth Grader.
Seems like I’ve gotten a healthy taste of Darth Graders shit taste today

Every single book - 4 to 5 grades lower and the graders notes barely match the books.

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Geeze, Tony you need to feed Poyo something better than that! If you’re grabbing him a quick snack off the street at least be on the lookout for some road kill.

Grading question - I have few foil covers that are in excellent condition, except they have some small spots where the colour cover hasn’t seem to have stuck properly to the underlying foil (at least, I’m assuming that’s what happened, I don’t know enough about the foil printing process to be sure, but I’ve got a few different books with this kind of flaw).

(The specific flaw in the image is the small area just under the leg that is silver, where I’m assuming there should be colour)

Does anybody know how CGC would treat these kind of flaws? If they’re a common part of the printing process, would they be ignored? (Or is that wishful thinking?)

Its CGC they will ignore it and give you a 9.8…:wink:

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Just don’t send in another copy of the same book without the flaw in the same shipment. You should be able to get a 9.8, possibly a 9.9 with these cardstock foil covers. Cgc’s grading is the authority and the most trusted industry leaders in the business. Their stringent attention to detail and quality control is unmatched by anyone.


I spy sarcasm? :joy: :wink:



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So what does CGC actually stand for? Certified Gummy Chewers? Maybe other guesses? hehe…

They’ve been extremely harsh on moderns lately. It’s all over YouTube. Been my experience too. Some think they’re intentionally keeping 9.8 counts down to preserve some of the value of existing 9.8s. Too much supply out there in a down market.

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they are reserving 9.8’s for their retail partners.


That’s a problem. What the point of grading something if you’re just gonna slap it with a number to manipulate the numbers? Just goes to show that grades are subjective and people are buying slabs, not comics.

Don’t go blaming the grading companies though… that’s on the collectors and consumers, that’s all them!


Another theory is that they’ve implemented grading technology that is grading more harshly than the human eye.

Heh, I doubt that’s actually happening. Maybe they’re just getting more inline with actually looking at the comics before applying a grade unlike before… Maybe they fired all the graders who were blind!


Check this out, I can see CGC using this kind of thing…

Tag grading

Maybe but I think that’s getting a little ridiculous. If we start grading things on a microscopic type level, nothing will ever be graded higher cause we live in a imperfect universe where you zoom in, it’s all chaos…

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Yeah I agree it’d be too much, but I’m sure they’d be able to tweak the sensitivity.

With the recent price resistance for graded comics; it almost makes sense, financially, to not slab and just have the consumer determine the grade on their own.
Prices are beginning to be commensurate with one another between graded and the perceived grade by the consumer.
I’m not there yet as a seller; but it’s getting there.

Saves me approx. $45 - $50 case cost

It’s wild. I’m seeing a ton of examples where raw books listed as NM are selling for say, $60. And, the graded 9.4 listed at $50 just sits there. Grading alone costs more than half of that.

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A lot of collectors would prefer a modern book in mylar than slabbed with the numbers 9.4… and I can understand that because in the era of slabs, 9.4 on a modern book implies “less than” whereas with a raw book the focus is on the book without calling out it’s flaws.

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