You have to change the address before you submit your books/order on your profile. You are correct that once the submission has been received into their system…making address changes is difficult if not damn near impossible.

Sounds archaic, they should update their system.

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100% Agree…I had 5 submissions active and I called to ask. The service agent said “Sure no problem”. First of the 5 shipped…to my house. I called back and she said “Sorry, I tried but they said no”. LOL…well thanks for not letting me know…

what happens if you got some books at CGC and then you have to move?

This was a reholder and my complaint was there was no flexibility in fedex delivering it due to the shipping service used. I’m not taking the day off of work to sign for a $100 book. Normally you can have them hold it, setup a delivery date when you’re home, have them deliver to a neighbor, etc. The driver(s) left notices to sign the door tag and they’d be able to deliver it but that ended up being a mistake on the drivers part. They require direct signatures upon delivery. It’s on its way back to cgc and they said I can respond to the email they send about it being undeliverable and choose a different shipping company or possible delivery to one of their retail centers.

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You call CGC customer service twice. Once to give them your new mailing address, and you call them a second time to let them know they shipped your order to your old address. :beers:

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This is pretty impressive. I personally had good experiences with their pressing service in the past. It’s been the wait times that forced me to move to my current presser. I get that folks have different opinions of course.

Economy takes longer but the fast track is shorter than Modern fast track…???


I’ll tip them “good” when they grade my AF #15, IH #181 (What if…) and if I don’t see a grade bump. I’ll sent in the “Baba Jaga” aka Mr Wick for some reminder.

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