Comic Grading Critique

It’s rare that I sell a book on eBay … generally, only targeted, special interest books … horror / war / westerns, etc …

I always give them a solid grade … on the numeric scale … I will pat myself on the back for never having had a book returned … :vulcan_salute:

I’ve only had one book returned. Buyer claimed damage. Was no damage. I turned around and sold the book for $10 more than they bought it for. So it was a win.

I’m rethinking about continuing with eBay as well with Paypal. I don’t like the idea that Paypal will keep the commission fees if anything is returned. Seems criminal.

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Well, eBay has the traffic … I’m just looking for the older collector filling in gaps … there are folks out there that just collect more specialized books … dealing in new, hot books moves way to fast for me … you’ve really got to be on top of things …

Paypal’s 3% or so I can live with … most all Credit Card processors get that piece … it’s eBay’s ridiculous fees that I just plain hate … they don’t really do anything to get it, except supply a venue … it’s like renting space in a Mall … super high and you have to abide by their rules …

Yeah, 3% isn’t a huge deal, more along the lines of principle for me. Also yeah on the eBay fees, it’s only worth it due to the fact that they do have the traffic.

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I think something like this could be for the most part fun for most visitors to the site casual or reguars.

That is true. Nothing will ever take the place of having the actual book in hand to then be inspected. However, I do think potentially having something like this on CHU would really be more of a novelty than anything. else. More for fun and not to be taken too seriously. I also think there are some collectors out there who would benefit from more experienced collectors giving a critique of their book even if limited by just a few photos and a brief description. It also seems like a very good way to bring about conversation.

I have a grading conundrum for you guys! I recently purchased a Sub-Mariner Vol. 2 #1 from a dealer sight unseen who listed it as VG condition. I bought several books from him and his grading has been very accurate on his books, but not sure about this Sub Mariner. It has good color, sharp corners, and no creases to speak of, but the problem is somebody used it as a dart board! It has at least 50 or more tiny dart punctures through the cover and interior pages, as well as a 1/2” puncture/tear at the top through the whole book. It also has a date stamp on the cover, and someone practiced their long division math problem on the bottom corner! Any opinions? Without the dart damage and writing, it would be VF, but I don’t know. Help!

I’m not a professional grader but 50 something holes through it from darts would probably put the book at G or less for me, not VG.

I mean, for me, we’re talking like a 0.1 grade from the sounds of it. Can you post any pics? The forum should allow you to upload. :slight_smile:

Dart holes and equations. Definitely not VG.
I hope this worked for some pics.
Thanks, Poyo!

Thats a shame. If it didnt have all those holes I would claim its a VG potentially but holes going all the way through really kills the grade if you ask me and that’s including the tear at the top and the math homework on the cover.

Yeah, I agree. I may have to return to the seller. I hate returning things, but I can’t agree with his VG grade and the price I paid.

It’s a 7.0-8.0 assuming the insides are fine.

the submariner is a 1.8-2.5

I believe those darts went all the way through the comic.

I would love to see the look on the face of the original owner of that book after you tell him that that his dart board target was sold for good money. :rofl:

The back story on this comic would be very interesting if you could find the kid that likely read it, decided it was a good book to doodle his math homework on while then deciding he just didn’t like Sub-Mariner and felt the need to throw darts at it.

Gotta give it a 2.0 (Good). Too many holes in it. The tear doesn’t help much at all. You may want to contact the seller and let him know you don’t agree with his assessment on this one. Either return it or negotiate a partial refund.

1.5 on a good day … a very odd set of issues … holes should have been quite evident to the seller and disclosed in the listing … I don’t think even restoration is a viable option …

I have a first appearance of Black Cat with a good amount of pinprick holes from the claws of a Black Cat. The story makes it better than a NM.