Happy Thanksgiving!

New year, same pies!

I snapped my ankle and tore my achilles this year, though:

So, less than ideal thanksgiving over here.

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Wishing you a speedy recovery just terrible timing rght during the holidays

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Or good timing being able to utilize FMLA?

It’s terrible timing because regardless of what I’m legally entitled to take, I have a bunch of matters at work that I’m ethically and professionally obligated to stay on top of. Quarter 4 is always our busiest.

Thanks for the well wishes.


Happy Thanksgiving!

And use duct tape Wooky!

Trying to beat everyone to that pumpkin pie, we’re you?

I think a torn Achilles requires more than duct tape.

Is it partial or complete tear (rupture)?

Speaking from personal experience. I walked around with one for a month thinking it was just a high calf bruise…but wasn’t getting better…turned out it was the tendon that had shot up into the calf. Even started to heal on its own in the elongated state…

Had to open up my calf and pull it back down…then drill a hole through my heal to anchor it down.

Rehabbed for about 5-6 months and I was jogging again.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. It’s about time for seconds.

Partial tear. Hasn’t shot up into my leg.

I also partially tore my deltoid ligaments along the inside of my foot.

The real problem is that I broke my Talus bone. It’s a bone with pretty low blood flow, so it has a hard time healing on its own. It’s the keystone for the whole foot- where the shin bones meet the top of the arch. It’s fractured about half the way through and it has rotated out of place. So, they have to operate next week.

The real bummer is actually just sitting around like a useless bum while people do things for me. I hate that.


Hope your turnaround time is faster than CGC :slight_smile:
Also hope to see you popping back up here in forums more than you have been…really value your insights!


OUCH! Sorry to hear this!

Happy Thanksgiving CHU’ers!

Of course I was being facetious, and would understand that duct tape would not be an appropriate medical intervention for an injury like that. I will work more on my attempted comedic audience demographics in the future.