Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest 2021 Reveals

I almost cried watching it transform. It was a huge surprise. It was NUTS! I’ll link the video once they put it separate on Youtube.


G.I. Joe Segment. 12:50 PM EST:

Skipping kids roleplay and figures, cus, you know, work.

Not sure about Bobby’s buck tooth look:

Snake Eyes Origins Movie Figures (basically a first look):

Brand new G.I. Joe Universe character, Akiko:

New Snake Eyes Design with new sword, “Morning Light”:

Snake Eyes Origins Only in Theaters July 23.

Marvel Legends:

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Yeah, there’s just way too many other things I’d spend $700 on…

Star Wars Reveals:

Marvel Legends 1:1 Eye of Agamotto

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It’s cool you get your own infinity stone…but this should have come out in 2016.

A little late to the party, Hasbro.


“We may not be good, but at least we’re slow!” -Hasbro 2021.

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700$ for a toy I’m gonna open… man I don’t think I can justify this even to myself

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