Investing in Original Comic Art

wow. people have stupid money…


Dont get me started. There was an exhibition of manga art, cels and posters here in Singapore this past week or so and there were some $9x,xxx sales of cels, some from Studio Ghibli that were attributed to Hayao Miyazaki who is the director. Good luck proving that those were done by Miyazaki san.


Struggling to ponder what would cause the Stegman to go for that much. I wonder what the original price was. I’m sure his rep will be touting this sale hard when Stegman’s next batch of art comes up for sale.


When it was first up for sale, it sold for $15k

Yes, that screen capture was from his rep’s twitter.

There’s 5 typical answers for why would anyone be so dumb and spend stupid money on anything

  1. They’re dumb
  2. They’re stupid
  3. They’re dumb,stupid and have stupid money
  4. FOMO (which is also part dumb and mostly stupid)
  5. They’re still out in left field from the 1899 Cleveland Spiders
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Oh fun fact: Heritage Auctions charges the seller about 10% and the buyer about 20% (Final price of $28k was what was paid by buyer). So the seller of that Carnage cover received $19-20k. Still a good return on the $15k fella bought it at.


Makes for good returns on original art investments!