Low ball offers on ebay

Lowball offers don’t bother me much. I always set auto-declines on those. What annoys me more are those that HAVE to win the negotiation. Example:

I’m asking for $50, person offers $40. I counter at $45 to meet in the middle. They counter at $42. I counter at $43.50. They counter at $43.

This just happened recently with similar dollar amounts. On that last counter, which was 50 damn cents from my offer, I just ignored it and never accepted. If I’m willing to come down that close to what you were asking, but you refuse to meet me anywhere, forget it.

I just assume that person is going to be an asshat and complain about something when they get the book.


I once sold a set of books for $199. It was under market value at that time, similar sets went for $250+. Wanted to sell it quick, sold rather quickly in a few days. A couple weeks later someone messaged me wanting to buy it but complained my price was too outrageous (probably ToddW).

I politely responded that it has been sold for $199. Felt good man, felt really good.

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I guess I’ll make clear when I talk low ball offers. When I sold on eBay, most of the time I would search what people are listing at, what they’ve sold at and usually 90% of the time undercut everyone else on BIN price. So when someone comes in on say a $100 book I have listed and everyone else is selling for $110 to $120 and offers me $40, that’s just a slap in the face. That’s a low ball offer. So yeah, I’m going to just decline it and then block you, you’re just wasting my time. Now if you threw out a $70 or more offer, then I’ll entertain such offers… Most of these buyers know it’s a insult asking for 50% off the going price when I’m already the lowest priced book available, so F them… they get nothing if they’re just going to insult me by wasting my time!

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Same for me

On my Best Offer Listings I always put “All reasonable Offers Considered”. It then depends what they think is a reasonable offer. If its to low, I always counter back.

If the offer is too low, like practically asking for the book to be given away I will just block the buyer.

sometimes i am tempted to respond
sure , when ebay does not charge me any final fees for the month

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We all have to do our part to vanquish lowballers from eBay. Enough people need to start blocking them until they stop doing it.


…or tell them sure, but I have to raise the shipping to $75

I mean I’m OK with buyers starting the offers on the low side and negotiating to a price we both feel comfortable but some of these people are ridiculous with their low ball offers. It’s not like I am trying to sell a $100 book for $10,000 or anything like that. If the buyer is simply being a jerk for the sake of being a jerk, on the list they go.


I avoid the whole issue with pricing my books at a competitive price or, for books I believe will increase eventually, at what I’m willing to part with them for.

I don’t have best offers turned on. Saves me The aggregation. Every so often I’ll go back through my listings and price adjust a few.

Once in a while someone contacts me asking for an offer. Nearly every request is a fair offer.

So I feel having OBO turned off works great for me.

Having OBO actually helps you sell your item much faster, this I found. Some people will specifically search out best offer listings. If they want something bad enough they’ll message you even if you don’t have it turned on so they will likely give you a fair offer.


Lol. Not something I’ve ever done. Except on Amazon where a seller was trying to sell tpb’s for tens of thousands. My lowball offers are at the lowest 50% off listing price.

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What he said, I do not put a lowest offer on because sometimes books drop in value and I check to see if what they are offering is fair because I have pries listed too high

I had something new happen. I had someone ask me what the best deal on three books was, I told them I could lower the price, based on the fact I would be making more off the books with a higher profit margin. Anyway, I took the total price and divided it by three and sent them counter offers on the book. They took the best book at the lower price and declined the other two offers… I was pissed but honored my price.

If something like that comes along, I first agree to terms, then create a separate listing of the three books.

Otherwise this is what happens.

Also, If you have record of what was agreed to, including the buyer agreeing to the terms, you cancel the sale I’d they back out in any capacity. Should not get negative feedback, or you can show ebay they did not honor the agreement.

The other thing is one can add the three items to their cart and request a price as well. That way it’s all grouped together.


depends on what lowball is considered i make 25%-50% off offers all the time, on books that are cold.