Modern Comics Heating Up (Those With Potential Too) (Part 1)

You see that documentary on Netflix? Yeah, that is where they ended up. lol

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What’s up with New Avengers 40? I found 4 copies of the 2nd print for cover. Plus 2 1st prints. Will post pics later.

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1st Veranke Queen of Skrulls. I’ve been stockpiling a few since Secret Invasion was first announced. Now everyone’s betting on Emilia Clarke being signed to play her after the Disney investor meeting announcement.

Not her first appearance

Also I would tread very carefully on anything Secret Invasion since in the MCU the Skrulls are the good guys and the Kree are the bad guys which is quite the opposite of the comics. So Skrull villains like Veranke or Super Skrull don’t really fit in. Also I’m seeing Spiderwoman being specd on since she is a main part to Secret Invasion but everyone must of forgot those rights are solely with Sony and not Disney. Don’t think Marvel is going to waste asking for a favor from Sony on Jessica Drew if they want to be taken seriously when they ask if they can use Miles.


R’Kill the Skrull Empress from most recently Empires end, no one is talking about. She’s as evil a skrull as they come and is the Grandmother of Hulkling. So I assume she would be part of the show if they are going to continue the trend of hinting at Young Avengers like the last couple Marvel tv shows.


spider folks are definitely out. I would like to see Secret Invasion flesh out the Kree-Skrull war with Earth stuck in the middle.

I’m also curious how they are going to do secret invasion with the skrulls or at least the skrulls we have met so far being good guys.

Their shape shifting ability was kind of key to the plot of secret invasion.


Batman Fortnite made #2 on the other guys Top 10 this week. Thank you for the discussion over in the lounge a few weeks ago and for your recommendations :thinking: :crazy_face:

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Some people are ahead of the curve on things. The first issue is hitting $30. I have 13 more copies on the way. I am happy to scoop that money up.


Also. I think the second issue comes with a glider (a big screen blocking glider from what I hear) but still people will be chasing the Batman skin at the end. Needless to say I am probably down for another 10 copies of the second print #1. People are buying it for the skin and not the comic mostly.

So when the 2nd print comes out for these, I assume it will still be the same code that was in the 1st print? If so, the release of the 2nd print will increase the supply and reduce prices.

Or will 2nd print have a different code?

Same code most likely. People may reduce prices. Have to wait and see how much inventory moves. But mark my words this hits all the top 10 lists this week.

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With the millions of players most likely not even knowing this exists yet, we still haven’t seen ‘word of mouth’ spread yet. My theory is these prices will remain…I’m also setting aside 10 of each issue to build 10 full sets at the end to sell at a premium.

These are my opinions and I have no data to prove anything, but I am very thankful that Anthony gave out the tip so that I could order a crap ton! :slight_smile:


Their analysis on Hulk 181 was laughable…:rofl:

Which list was this

Bad bad influence. Today’s pickups. Spent about $200.

image image

image image image

Cover price or close to cover.

Free! Free free free!


I was in a hurry and didn’t look close at the DV6…has a crease/fold along the top right corner! :rage:

Oh well…if that’s the only bad buy today I’ll take it.


Those Vote Lokis will pay off very soon.

Have mine listed for $80 already

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I know Umbrella Academy may have already seen its finest days, but that FCBD is just so damn cool. I’m still looking to find one to add to my collection. FREE is AMAZING! Heck of a score with those two alone (and plenty of other great finds).