Modern Comics Heating Up

Bought it for the cover. Looks fun. Can be a classic cover in the making.

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I saw it at FOC and thought it was hot.

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I was at a shop the other day and found a copy of Procter valley road. Guess I gotta track down the others

no real hype, there are no 1st apps in the book. some speculators hoped there would be and when there wasnt they try to drum up fake hype so they can cash out


Aaahhh copy. That’s what I figured. Definitely see the cool cover aspect but no spec behind it.

Proctor Valley Road is a nice story, and the art is good. It’s a little bit trying to capture the magic of Stranger Things, but I enjoyed it. Glad to see it might possibly get some hype.

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I’ve noticed all the cheap copies of Witchblade #10 have dried up on eBay. It used to be a $5-10 book. Another book I’ve stocked up on including a bunch of newsstands. Anyone heard anything on why the Darkness first appearance is moving? I’m going list my worst copy on eBay.

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1st appearance of Jackie Estacado, not The Darkness.

It could be selling because of a new Darkness comic series coming…

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Dust off your Cosmic Ghost Rider books. Cates tweeting about him and future, further use of him.
Smoke em if you got em.

I sort of like the character simply because of my fondness for Frank so I’ll be keeping mine long term just for my enjoyment.


Man, I thought Cosmic Ghost Rider was awesome until it turned out to be Frank Castle. I love Punisher but I was really hoping for a brand new character or identity out of it.


That was the first red flag for Cates’ writing :laughing: fool me once


I love CGR. I have a two friends I got into reading comics and he is their favorite (and they wish there was more to read).

Just for a different perspective…


How is anyone drumming up fake hype?

When you say something like this, what are you saying people are actually doing?

I’ve heard not one single word about this book. Even NCBD preview shows are barely hitting on it and moving past it quickly.

I couldn’t find another cover with them kissing, so I bought a few for the pc.

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i was responding to a question about the book hype, a youtuber or 2 were on social media trying to get people to buy, they clearly spec’ed on it pre foc and the spec didnt play out

I’m tired of all the girls kissing each other in the entertainment business, it’s not even special anymore at this point… I want more covers with boys kissing each other… :stuck_out_tongue:


We need a CHU exclusive photo variant with @agentpoyo and @Anthony open mouth kissing each other.

Maybe we’ll do the photo op during 2023 NYC ComicCon.


Can’t get the image out of your head now, can’t you?

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We only express our love in our private hotel room while Tyson watches… :wink:

I’m thinking a CHU exclusive variant cover…

Nobody wants to see that… except Tyson cause he’s not right in the head!

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