Modern Comics Heating Up


Would need a retailer to help facilitate it.

Holy shit. Never thought I would live to see the day my absolute favorite comic would make it to tv.

People are buying the 1996 Grendel #1 in droves today. However that’s the wrong book. Comico Primer #2 and Grendel Miniseries #1 is the way to go.



Shoot. I even have Grendel Tattoo. Anyway. Did a break down of the characters over on the main site. Will post it here but also post it on the forum. Main site story.

You probably the only one here that owns that comico primer. Always too expensive for me to grab a copy.

I own a lot of the indy big books.

I think that Grendel 1 can be had for $100s while Comico 2 is $1000s may be the factor in that…

I thought you were a high roller.

There’s a 9.6 for under $3000 on eBay right now…begging for a home.

I blame diamond for me not owning one😂

I have the whole series minus #4. Need to pick one up though. #5 is the other key with the Maxx prototype Max the Hare by Sam Keith

I have #5

That’s already pretty expensive.

Meh, get a group of boys AND girls all kissing one another in a pile. A regular ol’ kissing party! We gotta go big! Everybody kissing, germs be damned!

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I wanna see…

Up on MCS now.

Would anybody here just as soon kiss a Wookiee!?

And sold out.

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Are you saying… you could use a good kiss?

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