Modern Comics Heating Up

I did get one plus a few other comics. I tried to order two but wasn’t able, so I guess they made them one per order. Thanks for the heads up.

As a long time Grendel fan, I’m very happy to hear this. If your not familiar with this classic series from the 80’s there could be spec in not only Primer #2 and the original 3 issue black and white, but also Devil’s Vagary which was an exclusive comic only found in the Grendel Comic Collection that had 10 random Comico books in a Grendel slipcase. The last 3 issues of the 2nd series are also harder to find. In general, the Grendel Khan last storyline is very good and my most favorite of the entire line.

Its funny you should mention Devil’s Vagary. I have a copy I got with the Comico Collection box set years ago. When the announcement came out yesterday about the netflix show I bought a new, still wrapped box set for $14 shipped so I could have another, hopefully 9.8 copy.

I liked Grendel Khan as well but for me the Eppy Thatcher saga is a very close second to Hunter Rose as my favorite Grendel. I met John K. Snyder in a bar at a convention years ago and he did a “God Hates Me” sketch of Eppy Thatcher. One of my many prized Grendel possessions.

Im tired of everyone basing their character, and the character of others, on who they f*ck.
Someone’s sexual preference should not be their defining attribute.
Who cares if Harley eats tacos behind closed doors? This shouldn’t be her defining characteristic. Why can’t we get a cover of two people teaching children how to read, or helping an older couple, or rescuing hurt animals, or leading a group of people from danger (I understand that we do also get those covers).
There is so so so much to the human soul/condition, and we are here, seemingly, focused on the most basic one. People’s sexual preference. This shouldn’t be this important. It is what is, and we all f#ck somebody/something. :man_shrugging:

I agree but I understand why they do this. We’re all human and it’s a way for readers to relate to the characters in a sense that they’re also human, etc.

My take on it (mentioning boys kissing) was trying to be humorous but honestly, I’m actually tired of society saying it’s okay or more acceptable for two girls to kiss but not okay for two guys, cause we never see men kissing.

Anwyays, modern comics heating up? How about that Hawkeye #1 for Kate Bishop… find’em and sell’em… now’s the time to sell!

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I can understand that viewpoint. I do believe, given how much importance has been placed on this subject, that it is good for younger folk to see ‘people like them’ in their media entertainment. However, I also believe that is only important because we, as a society, have placed so much importance, and identity, onto people’s sexuality. :beers:

I sold my stack about a year or two ago. :man_shrugging:

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Unfortunately, the reality is as pictured.Aug15_2018_Getty_525649627_SexBrain_6003311914615

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This would surely have been a kiss cover if it were a hetero couple tying the knot. Jean and Scott kissed, as did Luke and Jessica. I know not all Marvel wedding covers feature kissing - lots of standing side-by-side holding hands - but the few that display such intimacy between two characters tend to commit.

You coward, Dauterman!

This should absolutely have been a cover for a later printing.

And this is just ridiculous. As close as Kyle and Jean-Paul were allowed to get before editorial stepped in.

Not meaning to get off topic - I genuinely believe we’ll see all these Billy/Teddy covers heat up once they hit the MCU, so get in early!

I’ve never been able to order more than 1 of new releases from MCS. Even when you completed the order and try again it “steals” them from your cart upon checkout.

Even some back issues from more than a year ago I can’t order more than 1 copy.

Kool and the gang… Let’s just not have any relationships in comics at all.

I’ve always hated that one of Peter Parker’s defining characteristics is that he’s straight. I don’t need him kissing Mary Jane or Gwen or Silk or Mockingbird or Carlie Cooper or… you get the point… how about he just helps some old folks and saves some animals, maybe teaches some kids how to read?

There is so so so much to the human soul/condition, and we are here, seemingly, focused on the most basic one. People’s sexual preference. This shouldn’t be this important.

Now, how does this statement read? because it’s the same as yours…

It’s “this important” because you make it that way. You’d never make a post like this if Miles and Gwen were kissing on a cover.

Not sure why you’re always coming in here and antagonizing instead of having constructive conversation, but your schtick is tiring.


Apparently my LCS, which never orders more than 5 shelf copies of anything, expects big things from this book.

Or they just wanted the incentive.

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He has an opinion on two women kissing… that he shared in the Modern Comics Heating Up thread… I have one on a man and a woman kissing. I’m antagonizing and he’s just sharing an opinion I guess.

Fragile folks in here that have no problem with people calling out things they don’t like, but when someone challenges the hypocritical nature of the post, they’re antagonizing with a schtick. No, the schtick is constantly complaining about diversity and "forced’ sexual identities for comic book characters. That is the schtick, and I’m sick of having to see it over and over and over again and it’s tiring.

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What’s Kool and the Gang got to do with it. Leave them out of your arguments lol! Loved roller skating to them in my day. They are open to all relationships…they “Celebrate” all of it.

Funny thing is…I think you are both on the same page and in agreement with the topic, yet it seems like you are just eager to find fault or argue about the point regardless.


It’s getting spicy up in this thread :mask: All I will say is representation matters in entertainment media to the kids growing up seeing, watching, reading things.


… and not just that representation matters to make new people comfortable, it also contributes to a varied, entertaining reading experience as a fan of the hobby. I’m a 51 year old, cis-male, white, abled, white-collar professional, upper middle class, US citizen and I pretty much check all the boxes of privilege, but I don’t want to read the same superhero story rehashed for the next 20 years. The fact that the hottest writers and artists are trans, or bi, or POC just has made our hobby more exciting. JTIV is bi. Ram V is Indian. Sophie Campbell is trans. Look at all the amazing female artists that are exploding in our industry who never were given a chance in decades past. As far as I’m concerned, we are in a Golden Age for the comics industry and it’s a multi-billion dollar industry with mainstream access.


Something like this Harley/Ivy cover (I don’t know about the interiors) fits a couple things:

  1. It’s two hot women, which still falls under the “male gaze” factor that runs deep in comics. The trope of hot lesbians being okay when other non-hetero depictions are less favored, or stop short.

  2. Two major, well established characters shown in a non-hetero relationship. Does it matter more that they are well known characters for representation? I’d say so.

Anyway, I did think this cover would heat up a little because of BOTH 1 and 2, and it apparently isn’t. My assumption is because it’s cartoony.

All good with your opinion. Your schtick is your antagonizing tone and assumptions. Keep being you though. Solid.

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100%. I heard a podcast with Randall Park where he felt Asian representation in media was always the goofy sidekick. Until he ended up writing his own play he didn’t realize that someone like him could be the actual lead. This example opened my eyes. Representation absolutely matters more than most people know.


in spider woman #15 rebecca becomes a new spider-girl, she 1st appeared in issue 1 of this series.

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