Modern Comics Heating Up

I just didn’t order it because it looked ugly AF.


2023 ugliest cover frontrunner

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You must be one of the Wild Boys from the Union of the Snake.

Yes. Retailers are thinking, “Thank you for the music,” while fans are saying, “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” and paying handsomely. The inevitable wave of music variants will follow, retailers will over-order like the Fortnite fad, and these later music variants will face their Waterloo.

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So what is the next music “themed” variant from DC?

2nd print cover announced

Gonna be a Black and White set.


Don’t forget the 1:25 variant that is sure to go along with it.

I am seriously gonna make an acetate overlay of Jack Black’s head, staple it to one of the copies I got, and send a copy off to CGC for grading.


Dang, Tony! Yours looks better than the legit one!

Story of my life… Drove 30 min to a store and when I was going to pick one up. As I was about to check out, the owner then says I haven’t pulled the book for my subscriber yet. Conveniently right when I picked that copy up…

I’m telling u. This is a new move. Not cancelling your order. Rather you will get a response “I need to pull that book for my subscriber” lol lame.

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By the way, you guys can pick up World Finest #11 from our sponsor Dark Dominion Comics for a price of $75. (By the way, did anyone died, is this incentive, or a first appearance in this issue?)

Honestly, its really hard to buy anything nice (with no intention of flipping) from any online store as price gauge is at a all-time high.


I would like to note that World’s Finest #11 is free with the qualifying purchase. This is less about price gouging and more about rewarding my Wednesday warriors (who purchase their comics from us) with a free copy.

This was a way to ensure I have copies for them as I’ve been cleaned out in the past by folks who I’ve never seen again.

TL;DR preorder your copies folks (it’s 25% off cover price)


He was in a music special on Netflix that included Jimmy Paige and Edge from U2. It was pretty good.

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Jack White also was on a recent, “American Pickers,” episode. I haven’t watched it yet, but I’ve got it saved on my DVR. By all accounts I’ve ever read or heard about him he’s a cool dude.



Option was announced for it and the entertaining-but-incredibly-delayed series, “Witch Planet.” Change the W to a B. I couldn’t type it as it was bleeped.

New announcement @davidbitterbaum ?

amazon bought it i think

I believe so, got a Key Collector alert.

Award-winning comic authors Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick have signed a major overall deal with Amazon Prime Video and will develop TV series adaptations of their comics titles “Sex Criminals” and “■■■■■ Planet”.