Negative Space Variants

That is some lazy MS Paint effort. You’d be a fool to buy the “new” version


I think the real fool is the one stuck holding the artificially priced exclusive. I’d rather pay cover for that than paid exclusive or FMV originally for the exclusive.

We are seeing more and more that exclusive art can at anytime be used on open orders later. Slap a foil on it, slight change, virgin, etc.


I usually get a lot of his negative space variants, and I pre-ordered a couple of these but when I saw how similar they were I cancelled my pre-orders.


I’m gonna buy it when it hits the dollar bins since I know there’s gonna be tons of leftover copies. It’s truly sad how JTC’s stuff has been bastardized in the last year (in my opinion). I was a big collector of his stuff before but I’ve gotten fatigue from his stuff hard, even as a persistent negative space collector


I really like and respect JTC, super nice guy, very appreciative the times I talked to him, loves what he’s doing but yeah, I’m out on the negative space variants and the action figure variants. It’s the same with some other artists out there, have one, got them all type of scenario since they don’t change their style drastically.


SDCC Exclusive


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