New $600 IRS Tax Laws for 2022

Just got notification of a tax document available from ebay. There’s a 1099K there for 13K

We know how much you sold last year on eBay now… muahahahahaha!!!

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Different states have different thresholds. Virginia and Maryland are $600, for example.


Unfortunately, I am one of those Virginia suckers…

and @agentpoyo - I’m transparent - nothing to hide here (other than from the IRS) … well, maybe from my wife.

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I already got mine in the mail and email.

well, all 1099s and w-2s are required to be distributed by today. So if you didn’t get one you’re likely not getting one.

I downloaded H&R Block last night. going to bang it out this weekend.

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1099s need to be postmarked by today, not received. So, you still could get one from vendors over the next few days.


Yes, however electronic ones like eBay ( and I’d assume
mercari) would need to post today.

I didn’t get one; but I didn’t sell a thing. Not a thing. Not a thing. All year. Not a thing.


Where is the actual tax info on Mercari? I cannot find crap on the site

Not sure you can get there through the app. May have to log in under a classic browser.

I found my sales report through typing “tax” in their help section, and going to the sales report link provided.

I didn’t meet the threshold so I don’t have a 1099-K, but can still still download sales for 2022.

I did the sales report. Guess that is going to have to do

I assume you can’t find your 1099k?

If they generated one it’s supposed to be there. And by law they’re required to for Maryland sales over $600 gross.

If you’re over that they messed up.

If you’re under, yes the sales report is all you’ll get from Mercari the way I understand it.

I’m still using Mercari, but I really loath how unclear some of their help features/direction is. I lost $200 in a sale because something got damaged in shipping and I misinterpreted the process to get reimbursed. And they’re like “sorry, you clicked the wrong button and now we can’t do anything for you! Have a nice day!”

I also struggle to sell things there, even if I offer the same thing on eBay for 10% more eBay still sells before Mercari every time.

And don’t get me started on their search feature.

Ok, this is turning into a Mercari rant…probably already a thread for that….


I still list on Mercari, get a lot of likes and lookers, and then the books sell on eBay.

I dunno, it seems pretty dead.


Mercari is pretty awful. Their searches are laughable. I’ve bought a few things but will stick with eBay for sales. They could be fined for not getting you a 1099 postmarked by the end of January.

I currently up’d a lot of my prices on eBay. Why?
A lot of people on eBay are getting there Tax Refunds/Returns and impulsive buying.
Also, I chose to donate 10-15% of my sales to Charity. (Arizona Humane Society) where I rescued my Dog, Coach from.

My ‘Street Fighter’ 1:10 variants have been selling well as of late, but I’ve hit the $410 threshold.
I’m dangerously close to my $600 sale limit!


Sell. Make Money. Pay Taxes

:grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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Why are you specifically worried about the $600 limit? Even if they don’t report the income to the IRS, you’re still legally obligated to pay taxes on the money you made if it hits $600 or not.

The charity donations you can deduct from the tax bill though when all said and done.

I’m with @CRUZZER
Limit to $600. Just a random number that sounds good.
Maybe I did the same; maybe not.

$600… the threshold where the government cares/doesn’t care if you’re breaking the law!