New Star Wars Comic Books Coming Next Week

@Anthony and @agentpoyo do a phenomenal job keeping tabs on hot books next week, FOC books next week, and books heating up from last week across the board for every company and every property. I could never hope to stay as on top of it as they do.

For those looking for Star Wars specific discussion for the coming weeks, I’ll be posting here. I have been putting together lists each week of every comic (floppy, trade paperback, and hardcover) coming out the next Wednesday. I’ve also been including final order cutoffs for the following Monday.


Striking cover.

It’s pretty daring to that minimal.


Darth Vader #10


Not a similar body.

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This comes as no surprise. Small week for Star Wars, but this could be a big issue, War of the Bounty Hunters #1!

White hooded figure on the cover of the Camuncoli variant would be their first cover appearance unless they are revealed to be somebody we’ve already met.

I don’t want to create a new thread for this so am posting it in the first thing that says Star Wars

New Star Wars Subscription box on Culturefly. I’m a sucker for these so signed up for one. First box theme is The Mandalorian.

What are these?

Sorta like a loot crate, but Star Wars only. Culture Fly is usually higher quality. That being said I canceled by World’s Finest box from the same company.

I did enjoy the Smugglers Bounty boxes that Marvel was actually doing for a while.

Same. But then they started to throw in junk so I dropped them.

Yeah, it’s like they started to run out of ideas but also yeah, getting rid of junk.

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I wanted to point out issues which have a final order cut off on Monday 6/14/2021… First off, Cover B for Star Wars Adventures #6 has been revealed and Mari San Tekka is on the cover! Mar San Tekka is an ancestor of Lor San Tekka, the explorer who Poe Dameron meets in the opening scenes of the Force Awakens. So far, this is Mari’s first cover appearance, and suggests Mari shows up in this issue. Mari has a sort of precognitive sense that allows her to detect “Paths”, unconventional routes through hyperspace, which brought her family fame and fortune. She was abducted by Marchion Ro (or perhaps his predecessor) and now uses her abilities to advance the plans of the Nihil. Final Order Cut Off for Star Wars Adventures #6 is 6/14/2021. Be warned, though, this series has been plagued with delays for some reason.


Yeah why has this series been so delayed? I was refunded multiple times these books keep getting push backed with n information.

Is this Mari San Tekka first appearance overall? I can’t seem to find any previous appearances of her? @drunkwooky

I’m just waiting for the ratio variants covers to drop to see if I order just a couple copies or more. 1st cover could be a nice play down the line.

She appears in the Charles Soule novel, Light of the Jedi. Up until now, there hasn’t been any comic appearance, cover or otherwise.