Poyo's FOC Highlight Books for Last Call 11/01/2021 📢

FOC is the last chance to put in your orders with your comic shops and likely get at a discount for pre-ordering.

Kicking this weeks last call final order cutoff with Marvel, as it’s got a bunch of books and titles I’m eyeball’n myself.

Star Wars High Republic #12 has a great regular cover. A must pickup for the plentiful other reasons associated with this title as well.

Star Wars High Republic #12 (Artist a Variant)

Star Wars High Republic #12

The other Star Wars title that seems to always pump out new characters and bring on the spec heat is Star Wars Darth Vader #19.

Star Wars Darth Vader #19 (Sprouse Lucasfilm 50th Variant)
Star Wars Darth Vader #19 (Grassetti Variant)

Star Wars Darth Vader #19

It’s on FOC now but won’t arrive until next spring, but a must for any Vader fan who doesn’t dare touch those back issues to browse and read is Star Wars Darth Vader Gillen Larroca Omnibus HC New Ptg.

Star Wars Darth Vader Gillen Larroca Omnibus HC Dm New Ptg

Star Wars Darth Vader Gillen Larroca Omnibus HC New Ptg

Now we all know solicitations are meant to sell more product but sometimes they’re not wrong. The solicitation for Strange Academy #14 could turn out to be right, years from now. It’s a small gamble and most speculators are on this series already since even I feel like this type of title could turn out to be a great Disney+ show eventually.

Strange Academy #14 (Adams Character Spotlight Variant)

Strange Academy #14

I expect perfection from Chip on Devils Reign #1 (of 6) or we riot! RIOT I SAY!

Devils Reign #1 (of 6) (Bradshaw Connecting Variant)
Devils Reign #1 (of 6) (Young Variant)
Devils Reign #1 (of 6) (Red Blank Variant)
Devils Reign #1 (of 6) (Scott Williams 1:25 Variant)

Devils Reign #1 (of 6)

Another Omnibus that has my attention is Doctor Doom Book of Doom Omnibus HC. Definitely for you Doom fans out there. Need more bookshelf space to hold all these omnibuses.

Doctor Doom Book of Doom Omnibus HC Dm Var

Doctor Doom Book of Doom Omnibus HC

Hulk #2 will be Cates take on the big mean green monster! You can hate all you want, but if spec’d properly, Cates makes you people money by doing what he does with these characters.

Hulk #2 (Woods Devils Reign Villain Variant)

Hulk #2

The bias pick… Moon Knight #6

Moon Knight #6 (Rahzzah Devils Reign Villain Variant) - Curious to see how this one ends up… hopefully Rahzzah brought his recent A game to this variant… )

Moon Knight #6

I still don’t understand why Thing gets his own title but some might not like his art but I really dig it, particularly when it’s not TMNT. So The Thing #2 (of 6) (Eastman Variant) makes my FOC picks for that alone.

The Thing #2 (of 6) (Eastman Variant)

Wastelanders Hawkeye #1 could prove worthy. Potential for new characters and I could totally see the old man Hawkeye type of show make it to Disney+ one day.

Wastelanders Hawkeye #1 (Mobili Variant)
Wastelanders Hawkeye #1 (Connecting Color Podcast Variant)

Wastelanders Hawkeye #1

Star Wars Adventures Annual 2021 (Cover A - Florean) is a must for the Star Wars fans. These annuals are normally one off stories but can sneak in some firsts potential, making them longterm investor gold down the beaten spec path.

Star Wars Adventures Annual 2021 (Cover A - Florean)

I’m not the biggest Bendis fan but I do believe his best writing is when it’s his own creator owned works. With that, Joy Operations #1 is on FOC and plenty of Bendis fans will be seeking this one out I think. Potentially a good read and maybe, just maybe one day heat up down the road when they start talking “options” with studios like a lot of his works do.

Joy Operations #1 (David Mack Variant Cover)
LCSD 2021 Joy Operations #1
Joy Operations #1 (Christian Ward TFAW Exclusive Variant)
Joy Operations #1 (Christian Ward TFAW Exclusive Variant) CBCS Graded 9.8 Blue Label

Joy Operations #1

You new Barends fans will want to lock in your orders for Gunslinger Spawn #2 (Cover A - Barends). I wouldn’t go too heavy though as I think retailers are on top of this artist now and these won’t be so hard to nab moving forward.

Gunslinger Spawn #2 (Cover A - Barends)

Good Boy #1 (of 3) (Cover A - Bradshaw) is either going to be entertaining or a potential dud. As a dog lover though, I’m checking it out as I already treat my own dog as an equal and most days he comes before everyone else, even my direct family members. Hah!

Good Boy #1 (of 3) (Cover B - Francavilla)

Good Boy #1 (of 3) (Cover A - Bradshaw)

Tales From the Dead Astronaut #1 (of 3) is another new title from Source Point that has my attention. I’m hoping for an entertaining read at minimal. Love the regular cover though.

Tales From the Dead Astronaut #1 (of 3)

Tales From the Dead Astronaut #1 (of 3)A bunch of new Superman Son of Kal-El additional printings are on FOC this week. Not going to post the covers, they’re slightly altered in color from the first printings.

Superman Son of Kal-El #2 (2nd Ptg)
Superman Son of Kal-El #1 (3rd Ptg)
Superman Son of Kal-El #3 (2nd Ptg)
Superman Son of Kal-El #4 (2nd Ptg)

A Kings Vengeance #1 is a Scout book I got on my tab already. Loved Once Our Land from Ricq so this one is a must for me.

A Kings Vengeance #1


Rahzzah Variant for Moon Knight 6.


I hope it’s OK to bring up incentives in here. I really dig this one on foc. Gotham City Villains Anniversary #1 1:25. Mattina doesn’t seem to do a lot of incentives.

Really love that Eastman Thing variant. Good call! Really interested in Joy Operations as well… sounds like it could be good.

You’re right on the Barends Spawn covers going forward. I think any cover As he’s done will be easy to get ahold of for sure. Grab that 323 Cover C with Violator on it though if you see it! It feels like it was ordered less than the King Spawn 3 version we got this week. This is obviously anecdotal, but none of my local shops had any to pull for me after subs, but they all had King Spawns to grab off the shelf this week.

I think one more interesting LCSD title is Friday by Ed Brubaker. Popular digital comic coming to floppy format. Could heat up a little tiny bit? Either way, cool story and worth a pick up.

LCSD 2021 Friday #1

Anything FOC is welcome… I just focus on the non ratios most of the time as those normally come later on in spec picks and normally not always “pre-orderable”.

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Figured it was out there, just couldn’t bother in searching as I was quickly putting this FOC together.

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If I could only get one book, then I’d probably get A King’s Vengeance #1. I absolutely love the artwork from Ricq. I hope a store does a signing with him in the future.

I think he’s in Canada so probably won’t happen here in the U.S. for quite sometime…

This ivy Gotham City Villains cvr is sick

Spawn Compendium 2 is on FOC as well. Contains issues 51-100 for $60 cover price ( That’s $1.20/issue for those of you in Rio Linda)

Compare that to the Gillen Vader Omni which contains 33?? issues for $100 ($3/issue for those of you in Rio Linda) and Spawn is one hell of a deal.

This Ngu cvr for Hellions #18 1:25 will be popular, I think.

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@Alana , do you see that?! An infinity gauntlet cover!! You must have it!

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That MK6 Rahzzah cover is badass. I’m in for two.

Has Eastman drawn any Marvel or DC covers before (that weren’t some kind of crossover with his normal gigs)? This seems like a special occasion and I’m an Eastman and Thing fan. I’m in for a Copy.

I don’t buy spawn anymore unless it’s a McFarlane cover. They seem to be the ones that hold value best.

Likely pick up the Strange Academy variant as well. Will have my LCS set then aside for me.

Eastman has done a few Marvel covers recently like Conan design variants. That Moon Knight looks like it was made with Windows 95 and a N64 lol.

Infinity gauntlet!!! Don’t deny it. You already called your LCS asking them to but three aside for you…


A few of these were on FOC last week for most retailers they don’t even come up for FOC date for 11/01. This cover already sold out at Tfaw

I was only gonna buy 1 but now since Alana is talking shit about it, I’m upping mine to 20… they always heat up when she’s out! :wink:


I got a sketch within his Once Our Land first edition hardcover when he sold these through his website.

Then when volume 2 kickstarter happened, I opted for the additional 8x11 poster board sketch to come along with the hardcover:


Strange Academy #14 and #15 are going to be SUPER FUN!

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Genuinely asking why ?

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