So whom here is in Seattle?!?!

any forum members here based in Seattle?!?!

Yeah, I can use Google… but I have more trust with people on this forum. :slight_smile:

Did you move from AZ to Seattle?

I’m not in Seattle, but been there several times. Nice city.

Yes, Seattle checking in. :evergreen_tree: :cloud_with_rain:

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I don’t live in Seattle, WA but live 4 1/2 hrs away…

I was in Seattle from Nov 10th through the 17th… :slight_smile:

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Welcome to Seattle. Grew up in Seattle. Miss the place. U there for long?

Planning an All-Star Game Visit… Making Itinerary for comic shops to check out…
in the mean time I needed a little help getting something only sold in Seattle. :slight_smile: