Spoilers 6/20/23

Sure everyone has seen some of these:

Plus, the origin of the secret Spider-Character who debuted in SPIDER-MAN #7 is told here!

Origin: The point at which something begins or rises or from which it derives.

I don’t feel as if this (Edge #3) was an origin story, based on the spoilers. The name revealed can’t be tied back to an existing character, nor is this story provide much background as to who this character is.

I feel as if this book was falsely advertised. No closer to knowing who/what this kid is than before, in my opinion.


That is correct.

Also correct.

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Dylan took some time and we still don’t even know the full scoop

Now that would be something… :rofl:



Yes, but I don’t recall marvel hyping up his origin to be revealed in a specific issue, which is what they did here.

False advertising.

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Yes, that is correct


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I stand by my words. Some panels I couldn’t show :slight_smile:

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Let’s just say the insertion process was brutal.

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Nothing for WW 800??