Symbiote Spiderman 4 2nd Print FOMO Overdrive

I will field that question Uncle Willie. We never are for market manipulation. It’s wrong. And it’s why people hate spec. If someone sold a copy and didn’t know why, it would not be wrong for them cashing in on a “hot trending book” I never even hunted down the book because more times than not these kinds of situation end up burning out fast. Like a paper fire vs a good wood fire.

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But if people want to be opportunistic, let them have at it. But if this was someone’s first “investment book” and they see the $150 they just spent turn into $30, and then $20, and then $10 or less, they probably won’t be sticking around the hobby long. But in the end it is buyer beware, we have a disclaimer on the site saying this is all for information purposes only, buy at your own risk, and only spend what you can afford.


The 1:100 and 1:200 were gone before i got online. And that was an hour after getting the email. Not that you asked, but i snagged the house / powers of X ratios, nightcrawler 1:50 and all the thors ratios.

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Same boat. Damn retailers are fast. I snagged some Conan and Powers of X ratios.