Target suspends Trading Cards

My mom and her brother always tell me how they loved putting 1952 Mickey Mantle Rookies on their bikes so the spokes would hit them to make the flapping noises… So, you keep crying about your Pokemon cards… at least you got some money for them!


I don’t necessarily regret the decision. It was a necessary move for me to grow up. I have collectibles now that i’m content with. No need to dwell on pocket monsters that grown men and women are fist fighting in Target for.

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Cards are too easily faked with the technology that exists at home now let alone professional operations. The card market will remember this again soon.

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Sports cards know this and offer autographs pieces of jerseys and what not built into the cards that come out now. Non sports cards can’t do anything like this to show authenticity and will eventually be worthless.

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Ive never seen a fake Magic card that I cant spot under close examination.

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The scarcity drives the entire market using autographs. The cards from the 90’s weren’t scarce or autographed. Not enough people would care if they removed either of the two. If you want a specific card, just buy it on eBay. They are much more available that way.

That sucks man. I still have couple of mine. I almost have all the team Rocket cards. And about 3 years ago I sold my Kingaskun for $80. Last I checked that card was in the $1K’s. I was more into Yu-Gi-Oh growing up. I still have the original starter decks for Joey, Yugi, and Kayba.

Yeah growing up I had couple of fake Pokemon cards cuz the paper was see threw. Now I can’t even tell the difference. My oldest can. We went to the Swapmeet about 3 weeks ago and he straight out told the guy his Pokemon cards where fake lol.

The high dollar magic cards from the mid 90s have no built in counterfeit defense and printed with 30 year old technology it’s easy to get the right paper stock with the blue line in the middle and you most likely won’t ever see one because you will believe it’s authentic.

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Maybe. There are always some detail they miss. There obv arent a lot of good ones on the market because if there were it would have already crashed it.

I don’t care.Many of them are scalpers anyway.

That’s because if you can’t tell it’s fake, then how would you know it was fake? If you are looking for fake cards, the only ones you will find are the ones you can spot. :man_shrugging:

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These perfect fakes dont exist.

These fakes have the hologram and everything order in bulk from China the older the card the easier to fake with no counterfeit protection

The best proxies are printed on actual cards with the ink on front removed, completely undetectable if printed right

They’re such a good replica, you might as well consider them real…just manufactured at a different plant. Unlimited print run.

That’s everything coming out of China though right? :crazy_face:


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… else someone will take exception. And I’m just too weary for that right now