The Hero Trade Bad Idea Studios

Crazy people with way too much money in their bank accounts… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I think there is some big money behind it. Not to mention Dinesh was the producer in Bloodshot which did fairly well considering Covid and Vin Diesel. I think there is some Hollywood money behind it.

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Dinesh is a great guy. And I love Bad Idea as a new publisher.

If Hero Trade SAID it was from them (or had a recommendation from Dinesh) then that would be a valid point. But when it was sent out, it didn’t. It just listed fake names for creators and a fake collective name, and with the background of creators being more important to vet now than ever having made up names with no history of who they are is a risk.

I apologize. I am unaware of the dynamics related to promoting or distribution of the book. I assumed it was known to be a book from the new publisher, Bad Idea, and subsequently Dinesh. As Dinesh has always been intrinsically tied to Bad Idea. I did not realize it wasn’t distributed under the Bad Idea name, if I understand your post correctly, @RipCityGamer.

@RipCityGamer Does this mean you guys threw your copy away?

Correct. It was sent in a way to hide who it was really from. The creator names were all fake, and the only information given was to order copies (at $3/book) there was a gmail address to email within a few days. This image (attached) is what was sent. I’m not sure what the return address was labeled since our warehouse is opening the mail while we’re working remote.

Anthony, our copy is supposedly in a pile of stuff for either my office or our purchasing team’s office. But like most self published things we get that ask us to review it, it was passed around the warehouse and read pretty extensively first so I have no idea what the condition is. And I have no idea what to do with it yet other than coming up with some potential contests related to subscribing to the future Bad Idea titles.

How dare people read a book… what’s the matter with you people? :stuck_out_tongue:

Could always send it to your favorite comic message board. And if your favorite comic message board isn’t us, then just go ahead and send it to me

I know! They should all be yelled at for doing their job and screening self published comics! :rofl:

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Not mine…saw it on Twitter from Second Sight Publishing


Wow. You can retire now!