Tuesday night spoiler request


Upon making their way into a house Aja is renting, Peter and Mary Jane find a number of Wakandan artifacts in the basement, including some Vibranium-plated Spider-Armor that Peter quickly uses to suit up.

So Carnage #11 is also the first appearance of the Det.Shade/Carnage symbiote, yes?

That’s the spec for Carnage 11. The extrembiote both appeared earlier and was obtained by Kasady earlier.

Shayde and the symbiote joined in 10. I think this is the first appearance of Kasady in the Extrembiote suit though. Also interesting to note how different it looks than the one that appeared in King in Black.

@D-Rog its hard to tell because Gregor sliced the mask very quickly. He has had a spider armor before so it is a little hard to tell.

Like i said, not really spec play anyway. Nice cover, though.

After going back and reading #10 and #11 it appears the symbiosis happened in #11.

In #10, Carnage was starting to merge with Shayde but the comic ended with this

And in #11, it looks like they fully merged and Shayde’s words went from word-bubbles pre-merge to thought-bubbles post-merge.

So 10 is a “cameo” of a merge…?


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I am refraining from making a joke.

Spoiler requests for tomorrow night:

Jabba’s Palace - possible 1st app.
High republic 7 - possible death
Avengers Beyond 1 - 1st app The Lost One (last page reveal)

Janna’s palace - two (one from the expanded universe making their first appearance )

High republic- yes possibly. Cliff hanger

Avengers Beyond - not last page, arguably first full in flashback

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Avengers Beyond - is this him in background of this cover?

Uuuuu Janna’s Palace… Is that Jabba’s wife’s place?

Lol auto correct strikes again


Anyone know what’s behind the scratch off covers?

Think I found it.

I mentioned that on the spoilers last night. Pretty cool gimmick but no way to do and still have a 9.8 candidate.

If you scratch it off would it get a green label because it’s been altered? I wonder!

Let’s test it out.

Requesting the following Spoilers for 8/15/23:

Daredevil 14 (new daredevil?)
Death of Venomverse #2 (kid venom?)
Ghost Rider 17 (Wolverine bs Ghost Rider)
Spider-Man #11 (further adventures of spider-boy, the origin)
Darth Vader 37 (anything good Dark Droids?)
What if? Dark Moon knight (new character/twist?)
Void Rivals #3 (any other transformers/cross overs)

Any others?

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Email me directly about Void Rivals #3