Venom 26 spoilers discussion

I’ll be interested to see how many copies of #25 were actually ordered. I know there were variants, and now the 2nd prints…but in my area…it really wasn’t an easy to find book (Regardless of cover).
I had one shop owner specifically say he went very light as he just didn’t know what type of response he would get once shops opened back up. Not to mention, at that time, we were still in a bit of limbo with regards to whether they actually would be open. Certainly still a very large print run I’m sure…but compared to other issues/precovid, etc…I’ll be curious to see.

There were quite a few people asking for it here and they were gone on the initial day? Fully realize I’m just generalizing on what I saw in my area.

Yeah, true. Typically we humans love anniversary and other numbers that split up the good old hundreth of a place for some reason… so yeah, with a lot of shops still on edge about opening, people on edge about venturing out… I could see some shops going lighter than usual for their big #25 for this issue.

That holds true in my area too. All the shops are being very cautious with their ordering. They are ordering for their subs, and have a very small amount of shelf copies.

It’s Marvel…maybe their issues haven’t happened yet, or were in another universe…

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Also of note, Virus is black and yellow, the same as Sleeper. It is likely not a coincidence the same colors were used.

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Yeah, same here in KC as well. I’m wondering if the second print of #25 might end up being less desirable if first print orders were super low. I’ll still be grabbing a copy regardless since that splash page is sick, but it’ll be interesting to see how Covid effects what the key ends up being. It’s already wild a FCBD issue got scooped at this point.

Virus is doctor yes

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Is that your theory, or is that confirmed, @Kevin?
It’s a great spec play either way. :+1:

theory, but not a stretch at all. dr yes. is a expert in bio weapons, robotics. has created power armor before. and he swore vengeance on venom for the death of his son.


I like this theory a lot. Would love to run it on the main site as part of a Who could Virus be post. With credit going to you for that one of course.

Also Comic Vine’s page for Doctor Yes describes him as: " Dr. Sergei Yesenofsky is a mad scientist who attempted to hold the world for ransom with a manufactured virus."

Manufactured Virus… :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking more about this subject and also believe another possibility would be that of
Orwell Taylor
1st appearance-Lethal Protector #1…Orwell hates Eddie/Venom for killing his son. Entire comic existence is about seeking vengeance against Eddie and Venom.

His armor while in the The Jury very strongly resembles that of Virus…

The only missing piece is the Goblin association. Also, Orwell worked for Life industries/has ties…so any Virus relation could come from that.

More food for though.

I like this one too.

not my theory saw some one else say it, so wouldn’t want to steal credit.

Well, then we can just say we got it from you… who got it from some other guy, who might of got it from that guys sisters brother younger cousins second girlfriend’s brother… :wink:

LMAO :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

But at least the credit is given

Both interesting theories. Any Hobgoblin connection to either?

Granted Donny can just fill that in and create a connection that occurred at some point since we last saw the characters.

I still feel it also needs to be tied to sleeper somehow due to the color scheme matching.

New to site. Love the speculation on who the new character might be. I’m beginning to believe - like devildog - “Virus” is Phil Urich. Normie impaling his heart, the iron suit with the arc reactor, the glider and bombs. While he’s blaming Brock for ruining his life, Flash may have done something to Urich to piss him off. Now that Flash is part of Brock’s DNA Virus may have simply transferred his hatred to Brock?

Virus knows Dylan somehow. Dylan may not be Eddie’s son, based on the Sleeper’s comment. Virus was following Eddie and wants to kill him. On the other hand, he was not interested in Dylan. Who is Dylan? Who is he to Virus?

At the end of Venom 26 we see the buildings with the Codex symbol. Leading us to believe in that future he/they are ruling as the Ultimate Avengers are still missing. The Maker said he was “home.” How does Virus fit into all of this? Could Eddie have done something to Virus in the future that his current self is unaware of? Good stuff!

Cates has us asking a ton of questions.


What issue does he appear in?


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