Year Zero #1 from AWA Heating Up

Strawberry Shortcake is all the info you need to know it’s a good purchase… mmmm… strawberry… shortcake… :drooling_face:

Yeah, I get Key and just about every source will get stuff wrong. I guess my main problem with Key (and why they get so much crap for it is) they seem to do two things when it’s wrong:

a) publish it before verifying it
b) shrug it off and don’t own it after it’s verified inaccurate

I also hate how they leave the rumors or info after it’s wrong up on the issue information, it becomes convoluted and confusing. Just go look at SSB4, they still have all the info up there about the “rumors”… so it’s likely causing people to buy for the wrong reason and or confusing the crap out of people.

Everything after “Origin of Galactus” should just be removed… it’s no longer relevant to the issue. He’s just posting info from tweets to cause more confusion on the official status of the issue.

Poyo I love you buddy, but you kind of missed my entire point. It’s not their job to verify that Punchline is Mime (there’s no way to do that unless you are Tynion). They simply stated that Mime is climbing as X thinks it could be punchline. There’s nothing wrong there, it’s an accurate statement. If Punchline then turns out to not be Mime, nothing they said is wrong. It was, and still is an accurate statement. There is nothing for them to own. They simply stated the trend and why.

While in the past “rumors” may have been up a while, stuff does get removed pretty well now. The Mime/Punchline stuff is not there anymore. But I fully support leaving the Black Winter stuff up as it was and still is accurate. It merely states what the tweets said.

Look at the debate we had on here. Many people, myself included, believe that Tradd drew Black Winter there. Cates himself even said it was “artist interpretation “ at first before backtracking, getting mad and deleting everything. Even though Cates said Black Winter wasn’t in the script, Black Winter is literally written in that panel. So that’s a lie. And the triangle design seen in that panel which discusses Black Winter matches the triangle design of Black Winter in Thor. So while Cates may not have planned for Black Winter (I think it’s retconning his own truths to sell Thor books as BW is literally mentioned in that panel), it is still possible or even maybe possibly probable Tradd drew his version of BW there. The answer is not definitive. And since it still regularly sells 2-3 times cover still, I think a lot of people agree. But either way, if there’s an argument to be made it’s still accurate, I’m fine leaving that up for people to decide on their own. Now if Tradd comes out and says he didn’t draw BW there, case closed and delete it. But Cates saying it’s artist interpretation then back tracking and saying BW wasn’t in the script (which is wrong as it’s literally stated in that panel), that’s not case closed to me. So leave it up and let people decide on their own.

And that isn’t Cates hate. I’m usually defending him.

The quote from the tweet is fine, what I guess bothers me is the claim it’s “unofficial cameo appearance” bit that should definitely be removed. I can just see as someone new to comics would be like… Huh!?

Come to the Darkside my friend together we can rule the Marvel universe and destroy the Jedi Cates

Not if they’re speculating but since Key seems to want to post “comprehensive informatoin” about issues in their application that’s a paid for app for what I think is or should be “accurate information” about comics, then I think it is in their due diligence to confirm the information they’re posting is true and accurate. Maybe that’s my key problem, they’re primarily a paid application and providing wrong information or misleading could be disastrous if proven harmful to their user base. I guess that’s why I treat them on a different level. They’re providing a service to subscribers. Here at CHU, it’s all free, gathered information. You don’t have to pay for it nor do you have to believe any of it. To me, that game changes if we were making you all pay for this information.

What is wrong or inaccurate about them saying at that time Mime books are climbing because X thinks Punchline is Mime? It was both factual and accurate. They didn’t state that Punchline is Mime (completely different argument there). They merely pointed out the upward trajectory in price and why. It really isn’t that different then what CHU does with the Covr Price top 10. It’s merely pointing out the increase in sales on books. I’m sure Mime and Corona probably made some Covr Price top 10s. Both were shit spec. But there’s nothing wrong or inaccurate there and both belonged on those top 10 as it was merely units sold that week.

I think it really just comes down to our perspective on what they are. I think you may have a built in bias towards them like Alana does Cates :wink:

I do agree anything that is paid deserves to be held to a higher standard then something that is free. One is a business. I just disagree with stating a trend as being inaccurate or bad info.

I’m not sure we are gonna see eye to eye here. Ha.

That one I’m with you on. That’s a weird statement. I’d be okay with “possible cameo” and then the tweet stuff. Unofficial cameo is a bit weird and confusing.

Hahahaha. Are you about to tell me the tale of Darth Plagueis?

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I guess I wasnt clear… My issue isnt if they state a rumor or trend, my issue is when such stated rumor or trend isnt removed or clarified when its been debunked for days or weeks or never.

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Very fair.

Remember when Covrprice would post top 10 list for the week and Spider-Man 2099 #1 kept showing up, even though the average selling price was below cover…?

That was kind of annoying/waste of a top 10 spot…

Covrprice did have some repeating books that were selling volume above what it normally sells even at lower prices. They look at several factors to determine what goes on the top 10.

I say use every tool in the tool belt. I have purchased and sold books because Key said they were hot. Same with covrprice and even CBSI’s top 10 list. I like selling books.

I’m just saying the algorithms give some weird results sometimes…it’s all,computers and data these days…not some nerd providing his/her opinion like back in wizard magazine days…

'I miss wizard.

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Found one sitting on the rack at cover. Easy win and one of the few positives of this week’s comic adventure. They had another copy, but I decided to leave it…generate a bit of good karma lol.

Actually a decent book. The cover made me think of “Into the Wild” and the Magic Bus in Alaska.

I thought the same thing!

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