$0.99 CGC 9.8 Uncanny X-Men 266 First Gambit

I’m leaving this for somebody else, but at the time I post this there’s a CGC 9.8 UXM 266 at $0.99 with $10.00 shipping, 24 hours left on it.

Maybe you fine people want to sort out amongst yourselves who wants to swoop in and grab it tomorrow?

CGC 9.8 * The Uncanny X-Men 266 * 1st Gambit Marvel Comics HOT OOP KEY ISSUE NM!

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Lol. Never mind. It’s over $150 now.

Yeah, cause you linked to it…


First rule of cheap slabs is give me the link first.

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Sigh. I’ll be in the corner.

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I used to have a near complete original X-men run. I was short about a dozen issues including #266. It was intentional as I think Gambit is one of the lamest characters ever.

I like the Ragin’ Cajun. I was heavily influenced by the animated show though. And Rogue is one of my favourite characters. Her and Remys character work well together, imo. I even liked him in that one fox movie, Origins(?).


I think exposure to a character is key. If you just watch the Star Wars movies, you’ll wonder why people make such a big deal about Maul, a chump who gets cut in half and then randomly shows up in Solo.

If you’ve been reading the books, comics, watching Clone Wars and Rebels, you’ll be a real fan boy about Maul.