0.99 Comic Auctions

I run an eBay store that specifically deals with $0.99 auctions.

I’ll be listing 250 books a month. I currently have 899 books sold and 100% positive feedback.

I do offer combined shipping and holds as well to save on shipping. You’ll have to pay for the current book(s) and then I’ll invoice you the shipping cost on your last book when you want to settle up.

I’ll be uploading 8-10 books a night so if you don’t see anything that piques your interest make sure you give my store a follow. I have close to about 3 thousand books I’m eventually going to list.


Are you in Canada?

Yup sure am

I cleaned up this thread. Let’s me nice instead of bickering at others. The point of the “For Sale and Trading” category is for people to post and list things they have for sale and or links to eBay, other sites to their online sales. All posts go through the approval of a moderator so if that’s all users post here on the site, then so be it. Think of it as the classifieds section to boost your sales and hopefully CHU forum readers and members can snag deals from sellers with better reputations when selling comics, etc.


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Eight Billion Genies #1 1st Print is going up tonight at 8:10 EDT starting at $0.99.

Also just listed over 360 books at $1.99 CAD Buy It Now.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian peeps!

426 Books Listed at the current moment

$0.99 Auctions - 32 Books
$0.99 Buy It Now - 394