1 comic from 2020 for time capsule

Ok looking for some community support here. Looking to buy 1 x comic to put in my kids time capsule that he will open in 30 years.

  • obviously I want it to age well, that is key
  • thinking a slab? But maybe a high grade book is better since you get more book
  • around 100$ or less

Appreciate your thoughts.

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I mean, this choice for your wants in your timeline is kinda obvious…you gotta go with Hell Arisen #3 first full app of punchline.


strange academy #1 cover A.


I say get something that was published in 2020.

We live #1 or

Strange Academy #1

Would be my recommendations. And I might have those books in a short box if you are looking to buy :grin:.

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Buy a silver age key of a character you are familiar with and enjoy so someday he might appreciate the character as well…or just be able to sell it for a ton of money in 30 years…

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Hell arisen 3
Strange academy 1
Ice cream man quarantine special. Because why not lol


Star Wars High Republic #1


Strange Academy #1 or,
Star Wars High Republic #1 or,
Batman Hell Arisen #3


High republic came out in 2021.

I’d go with strange academy. Highest print number…wherever that ended up.

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Thor #5 First Black Winter


If you believe TMNT will still have a fan base
The Last Ronin 1 might be a good one to tuck away especially if you got a 9.8 slab signed by Eastman.


Spider-Man Gleason cover


I also think you should go with a raw book. That way in 30 years the book can actually be opened and looked at. Just get some Gerber Mylars and Backer boards with some archival grade tape, maybe throw in some silicon packets to suck in moisture and it’s got a chance of being mostly preserved in minty fresh condition.


Even better, just Use one of these.

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These slabs seemed interesting. I kinda like the idea. But then I saw the price for a 5 pack. $83? Oofa. That’s close to $17 per slab which… is not that far off from CBCS Modern rates.

Great idea… I like the removability.
But the price point is, imo, quite high comparatively speaking.

Yes, and then if you want them to do custom labels for you price goes up to (Just make your own).

The real “savings” is not having to pay back and forth shipping, as well having to send your books out for 6 months exchanging who knows how many hands in the process. Slabs arrive in a few days and you’re good to go.

Plus I believe the case protects against UV light (unlike 3rd party graders). Double check me on that, though.

I have 5 for just comics I want that added protection but still want to flip through on occasion and don’t necessarily care if it’s a 9.8 or a 9.6 by someone else’s opinion.

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Basically, these are the hardcore cases to protect your books when you want to keep them “raw”…

From their product info.


Free and floppy, @agentpoyo.

Basically you can have your slabbed comic and eat it too.

You can get a grade from any third party too…like your crazy uncle Ed. Or APGS with @agentpoyo lick of approval.

Looks like they have an app to create your own label now…need to check that out.

Maybe I’ll be the first to do virtual grading. You buy your slabs from comicskin, you send me pics of your books. I grade them and then ship you my super deluxe poyo grade label to display in it. I’ll charge $5 per grade… F yeah! Who’s down? Everybody gets a 9.8 so you feel all warm and fuzzy inside on your purchase!