1 Per Store vs. Ratio Variants (1:10, 1:25, 1:50, etc.)

I started collecting again the last 3 years after being lapsed for roughly 10-15 years. While I have been buying many 1 per store and ratio variants for books that I really like, I have been wondering what really is the difference between a 1 per store and the ratio variants. If you are collecting a series and they offer both a 1 per store and the gazillion of ratio variants, which one is best from an investment purpose to having higher values down the road?

To be honest. Sometimes neither. Are used to collect the image one per stores and often times they lost value. The good news was I got many of them for free.
But for scarcity purposes, the one per store is going to be more rare

Sometimes if they have a 1:50 or 1:100, those are more rare cause a lot of stores don’t order 50+ copies of a particular titles but they still get the 1 per store variant (and at one time or another, it was estimated that there was at least 3000+ stores (stores with multiple locations got 1 per location while other stores that were online only or 1 location just got 1 copy).

there are 2k-3k comic accounts, 1 per are not rare

I live in a fairly major metro area, and I’m quite familiar with most/all of the stores around here. I don’t know of many that are buying 100 copies of any book. I have to believe the 1:100s have a very low print run, unless it’s a super big title.

Of course, issues with a ton of store exclusives blow that theory out of the water.

I said between the two, the one per store could be “more rare” in comparison, especially if there are store variants and such involved.

I would think books with 1:50 and 1:100+ would be the ones to go for considering many shops are not ordering 50 or even 100 copies of a book unless it ASM, a #1, or a big book with some advertised first appearance.

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Sometimes a store has to “qualify” for a one per store…so not all stores get them.

I used to be able to grab SIKTC and Grim one pers right off the rack…but my LCS caught on eventually.

unless it’s a super hot book/great cover/first appearance one per stores are rarely worth much over cover.