100+ Book Job Lot!!

Works out less than £3 per book!

Asking £320 FREE international postage for Europe and USA any other countries we can price it up together! And of course free postage in the UK

So I’m leaving the UK for a year or two in July and unfortunately there’s no more room to fit these books into storage and I just need them gone :sob:

Marvel -


#30 Dave Rapoza variant set x1

Amazing Spider-Man


  • 2nd print x5
  • 3rd print Virgin x1
  • #60 Cover A x4
  • #57 Cover A x2
  • #56 Cover A x2

Non Stop Spider-Man #1
*Sabine Rich Virgin x1
*Die cut variant x1

#9 x2

Immortal Hulk
#43 ‘Discontinued’ Cover A x1

Strange Academy #9 x3

Marvels Voices
2nd Print ‘Race’ 2020 x1 (First children of atom)
Coipel Variant 2021 (Miles crouching Cover) x2

Miles Morales Spider-Man
#23 Kael Ngu Variant

  • x2 Trade
  • 1x Virgin

Children of atom
#1 Cover A x5

Carnage Black White And Blood
#1 Gleason Variant x3

Star Wars The High Republic
#2 Cover A x12
#3 TFAW exclusive x3
#3 Mayhew Variant x3 sets virg and trade
#3 Cover A x40

Star Wars War of the bounty hunters
#1 directors cut 1x

#1 Dell’otto variant set x1

DC -
Future State

  • Next Batman #1 x4
  • Next Wonderman #1 x4


  • #96 x2
  • #1034 Cover A x2, CVR B x1
  • #108 1:25 x1
  • #108 1:50 x2



  • #1 Directors Cut x1
  • #2 Cover A x5

Star Wars High Republic Adventures
#1 Cover A x15

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