12 Inch Man-Thing Soft Vinyl Figure From Mondo

Yes, you read that title right. NO, it doesn’t mean what you thing it means.

Final sculpt, but unpainted. Will be available from Mondo later this year.

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Mondo toys and figures are expensive… be prepared to take out a second mortgage just to afford it more than likely… :wink:

Yeah, their Pulgasauri is $175!

12 inch vinyl man thing eh? How many you buying @drunkwooky

I’m perfectly happy with my Wooky-Thing.

But is the wife happy with only your Wooky-Thing? :stuck_out_tongue:

12" soft Man-Thing…Don’t want to see the hard plastic version.

…a SOFT 12" vinyl man thing. :anguished:

His Bowcaster? Depends on her marksmanship.

See…THIS is why I get all the strange subliminal advertisements here…

It’s all you guy’s faults!