12 Most Influential Indie Comics

What does everyone think? What are you’re own 12 indie comics you feel were the most influential from the past decade?

Well “The Wicked + The Divine” looks like it’s already on the list …

“Stray Bullets”
“Mister X”
“American Splendor” which, arguably could be what “Seinfeld” was born from

Anything by Robert Crumb …

and yes, I know these may not fit the “past decade”

I enjoyed reading Spread.

Trying to put together a list of best single comics (e.g., most significant) of the 2010s.

A list that excludes incentive/retailer variants or 2nd prints…this would be honorable mentions next to the regular cover/1st print.

Not necessarily a list of most expensive, but more just classics you could have grabbed right off the rack for cover. Ones that have so far are still in regular demand and have held their value.

Ones that come to mind are Detective 880 (2011), Saga 1 (2012) Ultimate Fallout 4 (2012), Into the Spider-Verse 2 (2014) and Teen Titans 12 (2017). I’ll have to review the Indy list above and see how they stack up.

Feel free to throw some ideas out there that satisfy this criteria.

Not so much what you liked but what you thought influenced in some way or another.

Honestly I think Saga would top my list… it’s that comic that even non comic book readers actually read. Sort of the same thing Gaiman’s Sandman did couple decades ago…

Saga is the book that I need to read. I’m waiting for a good deal on the TPB.

I too would put Saga as my #1 choice. Also, although it’s fairly newer I absolutely would have Black Hammer somewhere in that top 5.

Yeah, I’d probably have Black Hammer in my top list as well…