NiCe :smiley:


Congrats on the milestone. Definitely a testament to all the hard work of the creators and contributors. The content is always top notch and discussions fun.


And he couldn’t even add this to the proper category… I should silence the op for a day… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways… :chu: is :100: awesomeness!!!


WooooHooooo, congrats, this is a great site and forum… i check it on a daily basis. :slight_smile:


Congrats, awesome achievement!

Are ads the only way the site pays for itself? I’ve whitelisted the site, but if there are other ways to support the site I’d be interested.

Affiliate links are the other method (yes, so clicking links if interested in buying stuff helps out as well).

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I had actually been thinking about starting a new Thread congratulating the CHU Crew on the success of the Forum, having watched it grow since the get go …

I remember those early days … (not all that long ago)

Haha… yes, rough start but I’m glad people are finally utilizing it more. It’s the whole purpose, to allow everyone to have a voice, strike up conversations, debates, etc with other people who have the same interests.

I tried to come here in the very beginning but the forum software turned me off. Glad I got past that and now I actually like it.

First time writing on here, but long time reader and fan. This is a great site. I’ve been made aware of key issues that would have fallen way under my radar. I have a great collection and been able to let this hobby of mine sustain itself by getting great spec advice—which is great for justifying to the wife what I spend. Thank you.


And as of the Day Before the Night Before Christmas, we hit 20,000,000 views. Small Christmas gift for me.


It’s pretty impressive and significant for being a niche website. :partying_face:

Also, 20 million is for main site, not counting the forums!


So 5-10M was 34 months.
10-15M was 20 months.
15-20M was 16 months.

Give or take 1 month.

I’m surprised that the last 5M hits were in a shorter time frame then previous given the forum obviously diverts some of that traffic away. So I find that stat impressive.

Yeah, also there was a slowdown on main site with not as many articles getting pushed as well, since the forums also accommodate for such chat, talk, etc.

Can you look up how many of those visits are me? :grin:

I don’t think i keep logs that long, google analytics don’t keep records of IP addresses.

There has been a lot of slowdown on the main site due to more focus on the forum. I will pull a forum story and post it on the main site for non-forum members since not everyone that visits Chu visits the forum and not everyone on the forum visits Chu.

I wanted to hit 20 mil before the end of the year and we met that goal. Forum is sitting at 13 million views. With like 5 mil this year or something. More than anything it’s just acknowledgment to me that this is something worth doing. I do spend a lot of time focused on content.


Yeah, the forum “views” is different from the main site. The main site is usually a view to read article and they’re done, so it’s more unique views where as the forums is people coming back for discussions, etc. Still pretty impressive though…

Keeping on growing!

Forum just hit 15,000,000 views. Much faster than the main site obviously. Different reading type. But thanks to all.