2020-22 books with long-term spec

The cooling off thread reminded me that I wanted to ask the community what books they like that are a bit older now and they love for long term spec that:

a) never pumped or, b) were hot out of the gate and are now reasonable enough to buy

High republic #1 9.8 coming down to around 50$ Canadian seems like a good shout

What else do people like?


I’m biased, but Hell Arisen 3 is seriously slept on.


Im biased too. I like 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. prints. :crazy_face:

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Batman is my guy, although mostly in trades
The 9.8 is still pricy though and wouldn’t you rather just get 655 or whatever Damien key you like?

I guess as a non collector. Would you say buying ungraded via eBay is dumb? Any tips on how to get a nice NM copy?

I grabbed a 9.8 of High Republic #1 Hans variant for $50 a month back. There have also been sales of the Swaby 1:25 variant for well below $100 recently as well in 9.8.


I’m also eyeing a lot of “non-keys” but great/classic covers in Bronze/silver Age books. But with my own sales practically non-existent lately I have to be very picky/choosey.

Ya I like Batman 194. Just a cool Cover

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Good topic here—there’s always potential out there hiding in plain sight.

Ya and often at a discount with graded books

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It’s a buyer’s market right now. Go after your grails!


yea unless some big economic crash happens i think we’ve hit the bottom, so thing should stabilize and than start to go back up


I’m also on the lookout for HR #1 Phase 1, got a couple copies recently


I snag Venom #3 1st Knulls when they’re cheap. I don’t think they will have a new all-time high like we did.

New Agents of Atlas #1 has dipped super cheap right now and I pick those up when I see it.


Batman 655 is the Damien book to have, and isn’t really slept on with the Gunn announcement. It also trends higher than HA3. I also see Punchline fitting the long-term spec requirements of the thread. Damien is relatively around the corner.


I picked up Young Avengers 1 CGC 9.8 for $360 this week, it’s going to happen at some point and I figure I will at least triple my money on that deal.

If you can pick up Star Wars #3 CGC 9.8 for $250-$270 you are going to make some good returns when Aphra hits the screen, she will be a huge character.

$50 dollar books are really a shot in the dark. If I were going to gamble and take this approach, and it’s strictly for financial gain, then I would focus on either Star Wars or Spiderman books. The fanbase for these two properties are rabid.

  1. I’m still buying the Jake Gomez Werewolf by Night books that nobody much cares about now.
    I don’t see any reason why we can’t have Jack Russel and Jake Gomez running around as Werewolves.

  2. Jacks Chopra-Black Knight Curse of the Ebony Blade #5)-I love anything Black Knight related and thought this was a good character/story.

  3. Lyra Bloodstone (Death of Doctor Strange: Bloodstone #1). It’s also a good time to grab any Elsa books if you like her and don’t have them. Prices have fallen significantly.

I think those fit the title of 20-22 (or at least close). Wind went out of the sails on all of those and I pick them up when I see them for cheap now.

On a larger scale, all of my comic money now goes into horror related titles and characters (outside of finding cheap books/dollar bin spec type stuff). From Pre-code horror to Bronze DC (with a artist creator focus like Wrightson, Adams, Kaluta, Cardy, etc).

I feel like Horror related stuff is the best bet at this point (outside of the established super hero books that will always be at the forefront of collecting.


Horror-related stuff is fun if nothing else!


Wow! That’s a deal for YA #1.

Hmmm… specifically from 2020 - 22 I’d say (in no particular order),

Hell Arisen 3 - Punchline
Miles Morales Spider-Man 6 - Starling
Miles Morales Spider-Man 13 - Billie Morales
Strange Academy 1
Black Panther 3 - Tosin
Venom 27 - Codex
Captain Marvel 8 - Star (I think the 3rd print was 2020)
Taskmaster 3 - Taegukgi
Edge of Spider-Verse 4 - Spinstress
Reptil 1 - Eva
Batman 96 - Clownhunter
Batman 102 - Ghost-Maker
Batman 108 - Miracle Molly
Dark Knights: Death Metal 7 1:100 - Yara Flora (my hunch is that this is going to be ‘the book’ for this character) but there’s also future state wonder woman 1 as the more obvious, affordable choice)

We Live

Would love feedback on this list, and to see other’s choices. Good topic.


thanks! So many great picks are given on current stuff, felt like there could be some deals on stuff that has cooled off a bit.

No high republic seems like a miss. It is inevitable that once they have bled the skywalker era dry, they will have all these new stories to explore.

Just might not happen in our lifetime!

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