2020 Comics That Heated Up

Any of yall grab that Night Hunters comic? Came out last week or week before but its going for $15-$20+ online. I grabbed it cause I dug the cyberpunk stuff in it

I bought directly from the publisher/creators. I think it shipped so it’ll probably get here in 3 months due to USPS delays… :wink:

SAVAGE DRAGON #253 Cover B (Biden cover), has potential to go up in January as well.

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I’m new to the game, but I saw the love on these:

We Live #1 Cover A and the 1:15 incentive
Darth Vader 1 1:25 and 1:50 (gotta thank you guys for the heads up on this one…its made me a ton)
All Strange Academy (I got into collecting right when this series came out…lucky! - sold runs of this for $170 each)
Wonder Woman Annual #4 (after spec leaked, i sold these for $30 a piece!)
Year Zero (sold 5 issues and bought the TPB, made 2x cover)
Stillwater #1 (sold lots of these…they were always in stock at the shop i go to)
Star Wars Darth Vader 6, and the 2nd print, combined with Star Wars 7
Wolverine 6 / Xforce 13 combo w/ variants (sold these as 4 comics for $50…people are crazy)
Fantastic 4 #2 Antithesis Alex Ross Timeless (cool iceman cover)

Thanks all for the heads up, most of these I would not have known about had it not been for these forums and the posts on the main page. Cheers to next years comics! I’m excited!

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A whole bunch of good books that easily could have/should have made the list.

The one that makes me irritated that I missed it was Wolverine 6 and X-Force 13. Not that those were great, immediate spec books, but we talked about them a TON. That book should have been on the list!

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2020 was a terrible year, but it was a good year for comics.

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For making money and for reading. Great time to be a comic fan.

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Alright, thanks for some of the mentions here, there was a few I’d missed that I wanted to include in my post I had been working on.

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I did the same…grabbed 2 copies with shipping for $12…beats eBay prices. Also like you…not expecting anytime soon :grin:

After I saw it mentioned, I recalled them sending a shipping email… so I went and checked the tracking and yes, says delivery is January 5th but it hadn’t left their city yet. :slight_smile: