2024 Death List

Want to keep the New Year thread positive so…. 2024 Death List


While I definitely remember him for Starsky and Hutch, it was his role in Salem’s Lot that stands out the most in my memory.


Salems lot was awesome


I understand why we made this list but it almost sounds ominous. The DEATH LIST! Coming soon to a theater near you.

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I know right? I was about to suggest we should start placing bets on who’s gonna kick the kicker this year… I got a lot of money on Jimmy Carter… Sorry Jimmy, you failed to get the metric system going and you just lost your wife and you’re already like a billion years old, it’s time to go!

I kid I kid… but seriously… Jimmy is old with not much time left.

Katt Williams

No he isn’t dead yet, but after his interview I’m sure he is on plenty of hit lists

Should be an “In Memorandum 2024” or something less “Deathy”…

I was bummed to see Katt and Cedric feuding.

I was just watching the interviews today. I will start the chants “Kat Williams did not kill himself”




Calm down Death Note lol…

Oh, man… Starsky & Hutch was a big deal when I was a kid. It wasn’t Star Wars so I wanted nothing to do with it, but the older crowd liked the show a lot and most women were really into these two, especially Daid Soul. He even had a hit song in 1977 or 1978 called “Don’t give up on Us”. I remember it because my mom liked it…and it got a ton of air time on the FM stations.

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Why? That’s what it is, a list of the dead. A death list.


I guess technically it was last year but just being reported…sad

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That is sad.


not action jackson

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I hope Chubbs and that Alligator who took his hands are up in heaven now

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