4/1 comic shipping?


Oddly I just got an email from an online store I preordered a bunch of books from that one 4/1 book is processing and getting ready to ship.

Spy Island 1.

This threw me off with the diamond shut down. It’s the only one of my several 4/1 books that says it’s shipping.

Anyone else get this ?


Maybe a glitch or it somehow was shipped to them early with a previous shipment?


The info on what was already in the pipeline prior to Diamonds announcement has been limited … books, at times, can ship early, to be released on the street date …

I believe Diamond has some product, new comic wise, in warehouses … does not mean Retailers will get any now …

Let us know if you actually get the book …


Is it TFAW by chance? They are Dark Horse so they could be processing their own books.


It is. I didn’t realize they were Dark Horse. That explains it, it’s a DH book.


Was it only Dark Horse books being processed and with notifications to be shipped or any other books by chance?


It was just the one book, Spy Island which is a DH book.

My other 4/1 preorders aren’t processing. I don’t think I had any other DH for 4/1.

It does suck a bit as I have to pay shipping on the one book, but is what it is.


Yeah, hate when that happens. I made sure to set my TFAW to once a month myself. I got hit with one book shipping so it kind of sucked they charged me like $6 on a book I bought on discount for $2.59 or something like that. It was just a reader book too…


Sound the alarm, if it ships the retailers will go insane lol.


To update, I contacted them and the book is in stock and is shipping. They stated that as the official retailer for Dark Horse, they don’t get their books from Diamond as they get them direct.


Make sense… why would they ship to Diamond for Diamond to ship to them…


Well, I guess since Mike Richardson owns TFAW and is President of Dark Horse, it all makes sense …


I got a DH book shipped as well. TFAW could not advise me on what other companies also ship directly to them. Anyone know? So many small companies whose books I always get from my LCS…I have no idea what’s on hold and what’s still releasing. Would be nice to put those through at TFAW to have a few new ones to read and not lose track of those books over the next couple months.

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TFAW is not what you would call a distributor … at least from what I know about them … Dark Horse and TFAW are pretty well run by the same guy, though … so if anything, Dark Horse …

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