4 Golden Globe Nominations for, "Joker."

As can be seen at this link, the movie, “Joker,” received some nominations for the Golden Globes. I offer the disclaimer I have not yet seen the movie (my life can be super busy and I figured I would rent it when it came out on home-video) so I lack an opinion about how award-worthy it actually is (or is not). The Globes sometimes offer a hint of what the Oscars might be like, however, so I found this interesting.

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Definitely worth it

I didn’t know that the Golden Globes acknowledge terrible movies.

What mediums do the Golden Globes award? Is it just film?

They have weird ways of doing stuff. They basically have 4 big categories. Dramatic Television, Comedy/Musical/Variety Televison, Dramatic Movies, Comedic/Musical Movies. Sometimes what they think is a comedy versus a drama causes controversy. “Joker,” was nominated for Drama categories of film in regards to directing, Phoenix’s performance, and best movie. Then a general soundtrack one both comedy or drama flicks can be in, I think if I recall correctly.

Well deserved and nice to see DC get some love …

Movies and Television shows

I might be in the minority here but I don’t pay attention to any movie or music awards. Just a bunch of rich celebrities patting each other on the back…

Watch what you wanna watch… like it or don’t like it…

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