$50 book with lots of potential for growth

I have a $20 off $50 coupon on Mercari that expires today. Any recommendations for a $50ish book I should jump on? I’m also fine to just save $30 and go on with my day :slight_smile:

Buy 2 x Venom #25 Raw copies… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hah, I think we got played with that one… I’ve got several already, including the retailer variant, 2nd prints and the horn variants at 9.8.


Honestly, unless you already know what you’d want, you wouldn’t be asking. I’d say save yourself the $30 for another day on another book…

I myself try not to cave into “coupon” deals… yes, you’re saving money but you’re not really saving money cause unless you know exactly what you’d buy with it, now you’re spending money you weren’t necessarily going to spend in the first place.

I’d like to buy into more kamala spec, but for some reason mercari prices are much higher than eBay.

You can buy 2 Spider Gwen #24.

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The coupon only works on one item over $50 (which is dumb). I’m already in on Spider-Gwen 24 anyway, just got my 3rd 9.8 back from CGC last week actually. Ended up going with the Federici variant of hell arisen 3.

solid pick, punchline looks to here for a while.

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Find a Young Avengers #1, stars and Stripe #0, Vengence #1 something like that


Strange Academy #1


Buy some legos.