$50 eBay bucks, which books to use it on?

So I have nearly $50 eBay bucks and wanted to get some opinions as to which book/books I should use that amount on for long term hold, won’t mind doubling the amount by adding some funds on top of it if needed.

Any thoughts?

Thanks All.

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I’m going to be a bit vague here…but I think so much comes down to what you like and enjoy.
I’m a big believer in “buying the dip” or looking fairly far ahead.
With that in mind…
I’m going to mention characters versus specific books that I’m buying at the moment and believe in although they really aren’t in the “spotlight” currently.

  1. Moondragon (Madame MacEvil)
  2. Nova (Sam Alexander books)
  3. Lady Thor stuff (a buy the dip deal, I personally like her-it’s a gamble though and greatly depends on how they approach her via film). If they do things correctly, our first glimpse of her on screen in a trailer or news/media leak—her books will go crazy again.

These may be nothing you are at all interested but wanted to respond! Best of luck!


You could probably get a decent Moon Knight 1 for that price.


I think the mutant line-up of the '90s X-Men cartoon is a good bet. It’s well remembered and currently on D+ for today’s kids to absorb as well. Some, if not all, of these characters are bound to be reintroduced in the MCU.

  • First appearances of Jubilee and Bishop are still cheap.
  • X-Men Annual 14 for the Gambit cameo is still attainable around or under $50.
  • Avengers Annual 10 for Rogue - you will probably have to supplement your $50 but this is a must. It’s held back by an ugly cover but that won’t always be the case.
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Do you mean the 8 page, full costume, named, & converses cameo? :rofl:


Why not just buy what normally interest you? Ebay bucks are a bonus but doesn’t change my shopping habits.

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I used my eBay bucks to buy some extra bags and boards. I always run out before I realize I’m low otherwise.

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