50% off at Scout comics online shop

I’m not sure how long this is going to last but Scout comics is offering 50% off at their online store. Use code TOM101 at checkout.

Registered just to say thank you. Ordered a few.


Scout Comics Black Friday is live - They jacked up prices to account for the discounts though on most everything. ex - https://www.scoutcomics.com/products/phantom-starkiller-1-nycc-2020-variant?_pos=5&_sid=578cafdab&_ss=r


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That’s a common practice among all retailers. When I worked at Best Buy long ago, I worked a Black Friday. In the weeks prior, we slowly raised the prices on items so when they went on sale for the “huge black friday sales”, they were all marked back down to what most normally paid for in the months prior…

TOM101 code lol

It’s very common in big retailers for generally popular items because MOST people aren’t going to go into a store and look at like TV or toaster oven prices every time, and then remember how much cheaper it was 2 months ago before it was “on sale”. As long as they keep their website updated it’s also hard to easily find historic in-store prices for every model of TV on sale, or every toy.

It’s a little odd on a specialty/hobby store because that’s not an impulse purchase people come across or a generic item. Most people who want to buy it have likely looked at it before, and have seen what it cost before. And it’s not hard at all to find an announcement/link for the comic showing what the cost was when it came out.

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I use Slickdeals for price history/tracking on non-collectible stuff.

I did get a copy of Henchgirl 1 NYCC blank variant for $10. Not very many copies on eBay but they are in $50 range. Last few sales show $22 and $30, so I don’t think $10 was bad for it- Especially with the news of the Disney+ show. I guess we’ll see.

Freeform, actually. Not Disney+. Freeform used to be ABC Family, back in the day. Still could be a good flip!

Just to confirm, the 50% code no longer works?

Ya, I would say this is a pretty shady practice regardless, but it is also bad for the brand in the collectibles world. Making your prices higher so you can attract people with a higher percent off sale makes me not want to shop there at all. I think it is an especially bad move for a publisher.

It still works. Just bought The Recount #1 Scarface incentive.

Code is: BF2020 comes with a free ashcan.

Side Note: Kinda shady they have certain comics and variants show out of stock and then boom, when black Friday hits they are suddenly in stock for double the price… :thinking:

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After being a Scout fan for a time a while ago, it really seems they got pretty damn shady.

This Black Friday “event” is just another example of how they run their business.

There is a big reason why their books really don’t “heat up”…and if they somewhat do, miraculous supply shows up and prices tank. This is not by chance…at all…