501st Legion Clone Troopers

Quick question. Here. I was at a signing this weekend and got to see a lot if local people that are part of the 501st Legion Clone Troopers. I was talking to them of what it takes to join. And I think I am ready to move into doing that heavy kind if cosplay. I want to be a regular clone troopers, Tie Fighter, and Boba Fett if I do join and got with it. Anynone here part of the 501st Legion Clone Troopers? Any advise for a rookie? You can get info here https://501st.com/ if you are interested as well. Any info will help.

No clue, but that sounds so cool!

I’m part of the 501st with an approved Biker Scout, and also an approved member of the Rebel Legion with an X-wing pilot set up.

Use the site you listed to find your area “Garrison”. Reach out to that specific garrison and I’m sure they will have their own site/forums specific to your state/region. I’ve yet to see that not be the case. You can get some direct information/contacts and speak to folks you can meet up with. There are quite often (pre-covid) what we call “Armor Parties” where members get together and work on costumes/assist each other etc.

If you run any into issues, can’t find anything whatsoever, reach out to me via message and I’ll do what I can for you also. I have a buddy who has multiple clone ensembles/varied unit armor sets he has created.

Also, for each varied “costume” or genre, there are usually separate forums or sites dedicated to those specific builds. For example, Biker scouts have their own forums/and website dedicated to our specific roles/builds/requirments/merchandise, etc.

I hope that helps a bit. I can seem overwhelming at first…but the information, guidance. and folks willing to help are out there. It isn’t a cheap hobby…but it’s a great deal of fun. The charity aspect and giving back perspective is also very rewarding. I’ve trooped weddings, funerals, hospital visits, comic cons, charity events…you name it.



Thank you @Devildog. I will look into getting that info. Do you have any pictures that you can share of your costumes?

I’m too fat to be a Stormtrooper but I always see these guys at cons and stuff and they’re pretty cool

A few of me doing my thing lol! Included some with my clone trooper buddy!



That’s so FU@$&N COOL!!!

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@Gbess I also just want to say again, don’t let it intimidate you. It can be crazy overwhelming at first. You just start learning, ask for guidance, and take it step by step, piece by piece. If you can’t afford every thing at once, you just start on one aspect and go from there.

I am 100% an example of someone who has zero talent when it comes to creating stuff, sewing, fabricating, and handy man type stuff. If I can could pull it off and create an approved costume…anyone can. I truly mean that!!! In some cases, it likely cost me more money as I opted to pay someone, or buy something, that could likely be done cheaper. Plenty of options out there.

You always have to be careful with sales or ebay type stuff saying stuff like “approved for 501st etc”. Getting approved means you have to submit photos/get approval for you personally. Just because someone else got approved in something…doesn’t guarantee you will. Lots of folks or people overseas selling junk and you do need to be careful about that.

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Thank you for the advise. Much appreciated.

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