8/12 Pickups

Alright so this week’s picks are pretty much in the books… what are we all thinking about for next week? Is a 700+ comment forum topic the new requirement for a book being a hot spec or are we lowering the bar a bit?


There’s already quite a long thread on Venom 27 for 8/12. That’s going to be the big talker of the week.

Yeah that one deserves it’s own thread - but what else are people gunning for?

Death Metal 3 Federicci would be the other from the week.

There’s several somewhat interesting books, but those are the big 2.

Outside of the Something is Killing the Children 1:25 which seem to hit every issue now.


Unless there is another Hot reprint or homage cover out there.

I gotta slow down a bit…I probably spent $300 in comics coming out today…maybe $400…I’m afraid to look back…just going to keep flipping and if I come out with 5 copies of Legends and one cover of everything else I’m going to say I came out ahead…

But I thought you were making 1% with that credit card… nothing to worry about right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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