8/3 foc?

Is the FOC post that gets posted on the regular site posted earlier somewhere on the forums? I’ve searched and can’t find it. Anything we MUST order before FOC tomorrow?

I have:

Thor 2 4th (maybe)
Thor 5 3rd
DM Legends 2nd
DM 3 2nd (maybe)

Any other standouts?

Get that email from Sanctum ? UCS’s FOC is tonight. Diamond’s FOC is tomorrow night.

You talking about mine? I’ve been lazy and haven’t done one yet to post on the main CHU site.

If and when @Anthony does his, it’s normally on Sunday night or Monday’s…

Yeah. DC changed their foc to Sunday.

Oh wow - ok I guess I’ll email my LCS now then… what DC books are you guys pre-ordering? Legends and DM3 2nd prints? Anything else?

I’m doing my FOC picks now… should be up soon. :wink:

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Thanks! I was gonna pass on the Thor 2 4th print but lately whenever I pass on something, it blows up lol so I added 2 copies.

Some places closed their FOC on Friday, like Unknown Comic Books. I went to order Detective 1026B and many places are already listing it as sold out.

PC buy or spec? Couldn’t find the cover for this one.

Yup… now with two dates on FOC orders, if I was a shop/retailer I’d probably make my own deadline to lock in orders on Friday or Saturday prior. Then you’re doing them on a single night instead of two different nights. Same amount of work either way but probably makes it less tedious so you’re not working late on a Sunday or Monday…

Ahhh shit thats right. I need to look it over tonight and put in An order.

I got your back jack if you need to order something last minute.

Thor 5 3rd out?

I’m good. I found a place and ordered it and a Venom 26 2nd print,didn’t want to order the venom book by itself, but it also is starting to sell out.

Wondering if these Bermejo covers for Tec are going to heat up like 1022 did…Tec 1025B also pretty sweet, may grab that from the LCS though.

The Bermejo variant for Justice League Dark #25 is a thing of beauty.

Anyone catch this before FOC last night ? https://bleedingcool.com/comics/dc-comics-confirms-emma-is-new-wonder-woman-villain-liar-liar/

Well she already appeared so she better shoot lasers out of her butt in #761 if we are suppose to believe it’s not her first appearance in #759

And apparently her “look” doesn’t change at all from #759 forward. She looks the exact same on the cover of the 1:25 #762 (including holding ole Peter Cottontail) as she did in #759.

If she does indeed have a butt charged laser power, that could possibly pique my interest! (Just wait, you laser butt spec joke will be posted elsewhere stating we are pumping false spec). :slight_smile:

Now you’re just being ridiculous, Alana.

You expect her to turn her ass around to use her special powers, Her back to her Enemy? Come on.

It’d be much more practical to shoot lasers from her nipples. Like a Fembot.


Geesh…some people.


#759 is first appearance. Not sure what they are promoting with 760/761 except the storyline.