90's Low Print Final Issues

I’m curious on the forum’s opinion about a lot of 90’s final issues I see trending.

Is there long term appeal for these books? I know G. I. Joe (155) and Transformer (80) runs are sought after and are collectible. But I’m noticing some 90s volumes like Daredevil, Punisher, Ghost Rider, GotG, Warlock: Infinity Watch, etc. hitting the $10+ mark.

Does the low print matter if there isn’t much substance in these books? Are these good for the long term? Will anyone care about these books in 20 years?


I can tell you that I care! :slight_smile:
There are some really good books relative to what you said that can be incredibly hard to find.
Sure, it is a bit of niche type area of collecting as someone isn’t likely to be after them unless they are specifically into final issues/low print runs or that specific title character.

The other thing is that despite a character not being all that big of a deal now…who knows what the future will hold:

Some additional items/books that I’ve found to be very difficult to find and personally am fond of:
(I’m talking the last 2-3 issues as well as the last printed annual in many cases).

Silver Surfer
The Maxx


Thanks for sharing your perspective @Devildog ! I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for the titles you mentioned. Morbius and Surfer in particular since I like those characters.

Is it only Marvel books? I haven’t been paying attention but I don’t see the same trend with DC titles as much.

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@infinityG I’m not very attuned to the DC stuff to be quite honest, so I’ll refrain from guessing or giving you bad info.

I do recommend looking for the final issues of Maxx from Image I mentioned though. Not easy finds (typically).


100% agree. I grab any and all of those final issue titles you mentioned and they all sell.

From my experience, it’s mostly a Marvel thing. The DC books from that period that sell are second (or later) printings or DC Universe variants.

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Final issue Star Comics also are desired/sought after.

Alf (not star)
He-Man (marvel)

If I think of more I’ll update.


I also wonder if the skyrocketing prices on most mid to major first appearances is driving some of this newer love for first covers, last issues, low print issues, etc. If you can’t afford the BIG books, you need to find the next level of collectibility.

I’m in this camp to an extent. I also really love cover art, so I tend to like first issues, first covers, etc.


Though they are fairly easy to find, the original Moon Knight series 36-38, had a lower print run and 38 is hard to find in really good shape with that black cover…

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Imo the emergence of grading companies is leading to the collectabillity of first covers and good looking cover art. People like to grade them and display them or have them in their PC.

Keep an eye out for final issues of titles that doesn’t immediately get cancelled only to have another volume with new or same creative team shortly after. People like to fill runs and these final issues are scarce with low print run as they were about to get cancelled so it’s hard to get.

One that comes to mind that always does well is

Groo 120

I can see collectors certainly expanding what they want in their collections now. It was 1st appearances and #1 issues but now it’s become so much more - 2nd, 3rd, 4th appearances (primarily the older established characters), later printings, cover artists (new & old), low print books, final issues, previews and even some of the gimmick covers of the 90s are increasing in value (Ghost Rider #15, 1st glow in the dark). Some are niche but that’s what makes this hobby fun!

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All issues of The Maxx are worthwhile pickups! Just for the fantastic artwork. I like newsstands so I pick those up for the most part.

Yeah but later issues of series have much lower print runs so they’re got that going on as well. I mean just talking about a book is going to sell a few issues.


then there are books like
new mutants 100
marc spector 60

I believe the final issues of the 1st volume of many Valiant series are also pretty scarce:

Obviously these are more valuable to the completists than generally valuable.

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A couple more issues to keep on your radar.
One thing I love about the “final issue” thing is they tend to not be on folks radars near as much either.
It’s kind of fun as it adds another element (put it in the memory bank) to comic hunting.
These were both $1 and go for far more.


Nice finds! I met Tom Mandrake a few years ago and had him sign a few issues of that run, final issue included! I’ll keep an eye out for the Doom, very cool.

Glad this thread is continuing, please post your finds and sleepers! :slight_smile:

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Lobo 64
Animal man 89

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