.99 cent Artgerm signed comics and more

I mentioned on the main site I was going through and reorganizing the hundreds of boxes of comics I have. I have been pulling some interesting duplicates and triplicates aside. I figured what the hell I am going to throw some up on eBay starting at cover price or less and see what happens. I have a couple of Artgerm signed comics starting at .99 at auction, other signed comics, some comics of spec value, and some variants. These are all starting at cover price or less with most starting at .99. Take a look if you are interested.
Anthony’s coverprice or less auctions

I also have some trades and hardcovers I am thinking of putting up for $2 as well as some of the DC prestige format comics if anyone is looking for some reads, just let me know.

I will throw you a SIDE SHOUT ON ON my feature.
Not trying to plug the web site, but the owner of CHU is selling some stuff. He’s locked up somewhere in MA… so if like the site and want to help throw a bone his way, bid on a comic… lol