$.99 (Free Shipping) CGC Auctions

Last week I posted several graded books to eBay with a $.99 (Free Shipping) auction starting price that are nearly closed and are still really cheap (relative to what they have recently sold for). I thought I would share a link to my eBay store where you can check them out. I’m posting more $.99 auctions later today.

Comic Book Universe (eBay)

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You have a listing for Venom #25 (2nd print), and the photo is of Venom #26 (1st print). Heads up, @Haselby.

Thanks for the heads up. I never know if it is better to end the listing or just add the correction to the description. This time I added the change to the description.

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If it allows it to be corrected, I usually got that route myself. I’ve seen at times some fields can’t be edited, which is annoying so that’s when I end and relist.

I got a copy of Captain Marvel 18 graded at 9.6 off you- arrived today. This is my first CGC graded comic and I’m very happy with it. I do have a PGX graded comic, but we all know the issues with PGX. Just wanted to thank you for listing and the quick shipping too. I’ll be putting on some good feedback for you. It pays to post this stuff here- I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise. Thanks.

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I’m glad you like the book. I appreciate the feedback. I usually post 5-10 new CGC auctions about every other day. - Ryan

I just posted a few new $.99 CGC 9.8 auctions. Mostly Strange Academy #1 variants. Most of my Buy It Now listings will be on sale shortly too.

Hello - I posted 14 new auctions last night that started at $.99.

I just posted 25 auctions starting at $.99. This is my biggest CGC graded book auction yet.

Take care and good luck!

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Here’s the link for those that can’t bother scrolling up…

Comic Book Universe (eBay)



$.99 Starting Bid Auctions

It’s been a while since I had one of these, but I just posted a LOT of auctions starting at $.99. Here are a few highlights:

Thor God of Thunder #2 CGC 9.8
Thor God of Thunder #2 CGC 9.6
Naomi #1 CGC 9.8
All-New Marvel Now! Point One #1 Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan CGC 9.6
Strange Academy #1 Opena Variant 1st Print CGC 9.6
Edge of Spider-Verse #2 Fifth Print Spider-Gwen CGC 9.8
Walking Dead Deluxe #1 Black Foil Variant CGC 9.8
Black #1 Black Mask Studios CGC 9.8

And many more.

Just click the link to my ebay store and search the auctions.

Good Luck!

Comic Book Universe | eBay Stores

Nice! I bet many of those won’t stay at 99 cents for long!

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Thanks for the heads up! Already bought a couple slabs from you, hopefully I can snag some more.

$.99 CGC Auctions with FREE shipping

I just posted a ton of new $.99 auctions with free shipping. I’m sure most of them won’t be $.99 for long. I’ll be posting a few more tomorrow too.

Take care and good luck bidding.

There is about an hour left on the initial wave of books for sale in my auction and many are still very cheap.

I posted a few new auctions this week including Strange Academy 1 variants, Thor 5, Venom and others.

I just wrapped up a HUGE round of $.99 (Free Shipping) CGC Auction postings. Here are some highlights:

Thor God of Thunder #2 First Print CGC 9.8

Venom #3 First Print CGC 9.8

Thor #5 First Print CGC 9.8

Thor #5 Ribic Variant CGC 9.8

Teen Titans #12 First Print CGC 9.6

Ultimate Fallout #4 2nd Print CGC 9.6

Ultimate Fallout #4 Pichelli 2nd Print CGC 9.6

Venom #3 Skan Variant CGC 9.8

Venom #3 Skan Virgin Variant CGC 9.8

Invincible #1 FCBD Robert Kirkman and Corry Walker Signature CGC 9.8


Very nice!

40 minutes left on some of them and there are some low prices still. Take care.

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